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Green Façades – the support of vines and climbing plants in a vertical structure to contribute environmental performance and benefits – gain new dimensions with Jakob Rope Systems.

With more than 30 years of experience, Jakob can advise owners and designers on the use of cost-efficient, adaptable and beautiful trellising solutions that can provide passive environmental services and performance benefits.

Green Façades that are both durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing require thoughtful and thorough planning. An understanding of the micro-climatic context of the project is needed, including wind and sun exposure data, detailed knowledge of architectural and structural characteristics and access to the facade for plant maintenance

Consideration should be given to the appropriate choice of plant varieties and their needs for irrigation, nutrition and light. Attention to these criteria can enhance the environmental performance services of the green façade.

The Jakob GreenSolutions range consists of three categories of products, each including components that that can satisfy the varying needs of green facade projects according to their size, complexity and demands.

These categories are:

  • Modular greening systems

  • GreenKit Package

  • Customized solutions.

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