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Solar Control Window Film

Madico solar control window films are a smart way to lower energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions.The films are designed to help facility owners cost-effectively conserve energy, increase building safety,enhance occupant comfort, and reduce monthly heating and cooling costs. Solar control films from Madico may also help you attain LEED credits, getting your building closer to certification.Benefits:Heat Reduction: blocks up to 80% of the sun's heat, saving on air conditioning costs.Energy Savings: save costs in winter too, as the same film retains interior heat.Rejects up to 99% of UV rays, slowing fading of furnishings and flooring.Glass Breakage Protection: Should a window ever break window film offers protection from flying glass fragments by holding the glass together.Used in both commercial and residential applications.Manufacturer's WarrantyRequest a Sample: Click Here
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Safety and Security Window Film

Madico Safety and Security films offer protection from flying glass in the event of impact. Available in awide range of tints, styles, and grades to fit your security needs, as well as the appearance of your building.Protects against:VandalismSevere weatherAccidents involving broken glass such as golf balls or construction accidentsFlying glass fragments by holding the glass together Benefits:24/7 Safety & Security: film holds shattered glass together to protect against storms and vandalismProvides Solar Protection: Blocks up to 99% of the sun's UV rays and reduces heat and glare.Cost Savings: in the event of an impact, film is less expensive to replace than safety glassExtensively TestedManufacturer's Warranty Madico safety and security films have been extensively tested by independent testing facilities and meetsafety glazing criteria as defined by CPSC, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Underwriters Laboratories.Request a Sample: Click Here
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SafetyShield® Window Film

SafetyShield® by Madico films and proprietary Anchoring Restraint Systems reduce the risk of death,personal injury, and property damage and loss caused by acts of terror, civil unrest, industrial explosions, or natural disasters. These well-engineered safety & security products provide 24/7 passive protection that can be relied on the instant a threat occurs, substantially improving security for all buildings.SafetyShield films have been extensively tested by independent testing facilities and meet Safety Glazing criteria as defined by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) and Underwriters Laboratories.As a manufacturer, our SafetyShield solutions have been subjected to both high explosive charges as well as shock tube blast mitigations to meet or surpass GSA and ISO blast criteria. Where most manufacturers test for minimum code requirements, Madico's films have always met or exceeded the requirements of more U.S. and international standards for safety & security. SafetyShield films and anchoring restraint systems are installed only by certified Madico SafetyShield Premier Partners who have been thoroughly trained in all aspects of the film and anchoring systems.Request a Sample: Click Here
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Anti-Graffiti Film

Madico Graffiti Free films act as a sacrificial barrier to help control vandalism and provide a cost-effective alternative to replacing damaged glazing. Graffiti Free films are easily installed and replaced soyour glass will always look its best. Common Applications:Retail storefrontsProduct displaysSchoolsTransit systemsElevators and escalatorsVending machinesRestroom mirrorsMuseums Graffiti Free is optically clear and distortion free and can be used on the interior or exterior surface of glass or other smooth surfaces. The film is removable for easy replacement without leaving a residue,improving turnaround time for maintenance. Benefits:Invisible vandalism protectionEasy installation and removalHelps retain broken glass fragmentsProtects against scratching, spray paint, and acid etchingCost effective replacement when neededRequest a Sample: Click Here
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Decorative Window Film - Decolite® Series

Decolite® by Madico decorative films enhance the look of glass interiors and achieve the distinct look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost. Easily retrofit existing glass with an array of classic patterns that complement any decorAvailable in a wide variety of patterns and are truly customizable - ready to be cut into any design.Create private, interior glass spaces while still welcoming in light.Block up to 98% of damaging ultraviolet raysReduce glare for more comfortable work and home environments.Hold glass together in the event of an accident and provide an excellent solution to make glass sliding doors more visibleManufacturer's Limited WarrantyRequest a Sample: Click Here
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View Control Film

View Control decorative films offer a variety of decorative, privacy solutions. Hide an object from view or highlight another.Create levels of privacy from certain viewing anglesMimic etched glass for a fraction of the costAlter the opacity of glass including blocking 100% of light transmission. View Control films can be used to create visual effects between transparency and translucency as the viewing angle changes. Common Applications include:Glass conference roomsPartition wallsShowroomsMuseumsRetail spacesRequest a Sample: Click Here
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