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RapidRoll Interior Doors

Interior roll up doors provide secure, reliable and safe high-speed solutions for inside facilitiesInterior roll up doors are the ideal solution for separating critical areas and increasing efficiency within a facility. Innovative rolling interior doors can be specially suited for environments ranging from cold storage and clean rooms to general manufacturing or special machine protection applications. Albany RapidRoll roll up interior doors feature rapid opening speeds and advanced safety systems along with tight sealing and pressure resistance to help isolate or control environments.Albany RR200 interior roll up doorsAlbany RR200 interior roll up doors are an ideal solution for security, safety and reliability - especially for retail stock rooms, logistics centers, manufacturing facilities and more. Industrial interior doors include flexible curtains with a soft bottom edge to diminish the potential for injury, while the wireless reversing sensor immediately reopens the door at the first sign of contact. The full perimeter seal of our interior roller doors ensures that dust and debris are contained when the door is closed. Plus, with its effortless break-away feature, this interior roll up door resists damage and remains operational after an accidental collision. Albany RR300 interior roll up doorAlbany RR300 interior roll up doors feature a versatile modular design suited for a wide variety of interior applications, including high-traffic areas, clean and hygienic spaces, high pressure zones and much more. Advanced high-speed door technology, including a self-repairing bottom bar, helps to increase efficiency and eliminate damage from accidental impact to ensure continuous smooth operations. The tight seals provide climate control and keep out debris while the thin side frames and small footprint allow for unlimited installation possibilities.
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High-speed exterior doors

High-speed exterior and interior doors for heavy-duty operationAlbany HS8010P & Albany HS8020P high-speed roll up doors are designed for medium-sized exterior and interior openings in heavy-duty operations. The Albany HS series doors feature a flexible curtain for maximum safety, tight seals for protection against humidity, dust and dirt, fast speeds for improved traffic flow, and a unique direct drive system for smooth, consistent operation. Albany HS series high-speed roll up doors ensure the safety of your personnel and equipment thanks to the flexible curtain fabric and soft bottom door edge. A motor driven by a frequency converter makes the high-speed door extremely reliable while the soft start and stop increases the longevity of the motor considerably. The Albany HS8010P & Albany HS8020P high-performance doors are also equipped with a self-resetting break away system to reduce production downtime and maintenance needs.Albany HS8010P high-speed doorThe Albany HS8010P is a medium-sized high-speed door for exterior and interior applications. To increase natural light, the door curtain can be equipped with windows or vision panels. A curtain with an increased static insulation is available as an option.Albany HS8020P high-speed doorHS8020P is designed to withstand high wind loads of up to class 5 (EN12424) with reinforced side guides for advanced durability. The unique direct drive system also ensures continuous operation and securely closes the door in high wind loads.
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RapidRoll exterior doors

Rapid roll doors are the right fit for entrances with frequent traffic such as warehouses, dealerships and service bays, facilities that also require secure access and minimal energy loss.Albany RapidRoll exterior high-speed doors are the ideal solution for increasing efficiency and lowering energy costs in high traffic areas. As the main barrier between interior and exterior environments, exterior high-speed doors are designed to resist fierce weather conditions while providing reliability, security and aesthetics.Albany UltraFast rapid roll doorsHigh-speed Albany UltraFast rapid roll doors deliver superior performance with opening speeds of up to 60" per second, making it ideally suited for high traffic exterior applications. The fast speeds and a breakaway bottom beam provide efficiency while smart design features help meet productivity goals without compromising safety. Albany UltraFast rapid roll doors also feature tight seals to limit air filtration and heavy duty wind ribs to hold up against adverse weather conditions.
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Rigid Exterior Doors

Fast, safe, and robust metal exterior doorsAlbany rigid exterior high-performance doors are the ideal solution for creating a secure and energy efficient entrance in high-traffic areas. The Albany RR3000 Series combines advanced functionality and outstanding engineering to create extremely fast, safe, and robust entrances with long service life and low maintenance needs.Albany RR3000The Albany RR3000 is constructed of low-profile, anodized, double-walled aluminum for durability, security and smooth performance. Rapid opening speeds and innovative mechanical design lets traffic and materials in and out quickly, easily and safely, without waiting for the door to open or close. It's simple, patented design insures hundreds of thousands of maintenance-free cycles.Albany RR3000 VisionAlbany RR3000 Vision high-performance door features an elegant design with clear impact-resistant polycarbonate slats that provide sleek style and exceptional performance. The transparent vision panels offer a clear view of traffic on both sides of the door for increased safety while also providing natural light for the interior of your facility.
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Rubber Exterior Doors

Rubber doors keep your operations going strong with fast, industrial-strength exterior entrancewaysHigh-performance rubber doors open fast and work around the clock to ensure a steady and safe flow of equipment, goods and people in and out of your manufacturing facility. Engineered for the tough, corrosive conditions of heavy industry, our Albany rubber doors are built to: Protect your operations from high wind loads, contaminates, and energy losses with durable doors, fast opening speeds, and reliable operations.Keep traffic moving with a proven rubber door system that has a compact, heavy-duty operation with minimal moving parts and a collision-resistant, rubber curtain.Boost your bottom line with a tried-and-true design that improves overall productivity, while reducing operating costs and safety hazards.Key technical features of our rubber doors include a space-conserving profile, heavy-duty steel construction, impact-proof rubber curtain, patented WindLock design, fail-safe safety systems, chain hoists for manual egress, low maintenance components, and integrated drives and controls.Albany UltraTough & RR1500 Tough rubber doors - strong, reliable and guaranteed toughThe Albany UltraTough and RR1500 Tough high-performance rubber doors are strong, fast, and reliable doors that work even in the harshest conditions. With these ruggedized rubber door, you will reduce energy costs,safety risks, and weather-related downtime. Their extra-thick, UltraStrong rubber curtain (lifetime warranted) can withstand accidental impact from collisions, keeping your workers secure and your operations going.Albany UltraBig rubber door - tough performance for big openingsFrom forklifts to heavy equipment, the Albany UltraBig high-speed rubber door handles large openings with speed and reliability, even in the harshest environments. The UltraStrong curtain protects against extreme temperatures while the Gusset and Windlok system keeps the door functioning in wind of up to 20 psf (88mph).Select the rubber door entrance system that gives you the best advantage. Contact our entrance experts to request a custom door configurator, 3D CAD drawing, product assistance, or a quote.
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Cold Storage Doors

Meet the demands of cold storage areas with insulated high-speed cold storage and freezer doorsAlbany cold storage and freezer doors combine fast speeds and a reliable thermal barrier to protect product quality in critical temperature zones. These innovative freezer door solutions enhance temperature control, decrease energy costs and increase productivity.Albany RR300 ChillThe Albany RR300 Chill cold storage insulated high-speed door is specially designed for high traffic cooler and freezer cold storage applications. The high-speed energy efficient door enhances safety, improves productivity, reduces energy costs and decreases maintenance costs. Opening speeds of up to 120" per second makes the Albany RR300 Chill one of the fastest cold storage doors on the market. The Albany RR300 Chill is ideal for high-traffic areas where the temperatures in the cold storage areas are above 32 degrees F.Albany RR300 FreezeFrom freezer to loading dock, the Albany RR300 Freeze insulated high-speed freezer door saves on energy and maintenance costs while maximizing workflow efficiency and ensuring a safer, more productive environment. Albany RR300 Freeze freezer doors feature fast opening speeds, insulated door panel material and double weather seals for superior temperature control. These industrial freezer doors can also be equipped with heated side frames and energy-saving airflow systems to prevent frost buildup. The Albany RR300 Freeze is optimal for dual-climate facilities where temperatures below -20 degrees F open into ambient temperatures.
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Cleanroom Doors

High-speed cleanroom doors protect against drafts, humidity, dust and dirtAlbany, one of the leading cleanroom door manufacturers, delivers high-speed cleanroom doors perfected for controlled environments. Our cleanroom doors feature an almost airtight seal, which minimizes pressure drop and protects your environment against drafts, humidity, dust and dirt. These advanced high-speed doors are ideal for cleanroom and associated controlled environment applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and micro-mechanics industries.Albany RR300 Clean high-speed cleanroom doorsAlbany RR300 Clean high-speed cleanroom doors help to minimize contamination risks and meet hygienic standards for controlled environments without compromising product quality or worker safety. Exceptionally fast speeds, near airtight seals and durable performance provide greater control over particle concentration and air changes while maintaining stringent cleanroom requirements, including ISO Class 5 (US Federal Standard 209E Class 100) and GMP Class C.
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