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NEW Himalayan Salt Room Sauna

Himalayan Salt Room Panels Simple installation with our building block system Engineered Salt Panels are removable for easy maintenance and repair Easy to incorporate Pink Salt into a new or existing sauna Add panels with or without plug-and-play LED lighting All panels include 100% natural Himalayan salt blocks
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Commercial Eco-Sauna

Am-Finn Eco-Sauna Add a custom look while being environmentally responsible with the Eco-Sauna 100% recycled medium-density fiberboard overlaid with Grade A, Clear, Western Red Cedar Traditional cedar sauna with an innovative design that reduces the use of new-growth wood by 70% while maintaining the traditional cedar sauna design Contributes to LEED credits
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Advanced Hybrid Steam Rooms® image

Advanced Hybrid Steam Rooms®

Am-Finn is the original innovator and manufacturer of the Hybrid Steam Rooms®. Cut energy costs by 50% Eliminate the need for daily cleaning with harsh chemicals PowerZone, self-cleaning technology Contributes to 4 categories of LEED credits Cutting edge architects only specify hybrid steam rooms - citing tile rooms as a thing of the past. Preferred by: Gold''s Gym, World Gyms, YMCAs and professional sports franchises have already make the change.
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Modular Sauna

Custom Sauna Installation Am-Finn is the oldest and largest American owned manufacturer of commercial saunas and steam rooms. Since 1962, Am-Finn has provided design-build and renovation services to health clubs and recreation facilities across the country. We can handle the entire transaction from design and manufacturing to installation. Am-Finn's turn-key approach ensures a professional product every time.
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Commercial Custom-cut Sauna

Am-Finn Commercial Custom-cut Sauna Easy Construction Full-length Clear Western Red Cedar Comes Complete and cut to specifications The best commercial quality materials and components Am-Finn has been the exclusive '"preferred vendor'" for the YMCA''s nationally for 13 years. Am-Finn is also a preferred vendor for Gold''s Gym, Powerhouse Gyms and LA Fitness.
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All-Natural Hand Finished Saunas

Am-Finn has combined it's 50 years of experience with high-end architects, builders and designers to create our very own line of hand-finished saunas. We use a water based protective wax that is quick drying, highly durable and absorbs into the wood forming a dirt resistant surface.
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Ultra Gas-Fired Sauna Heaters image

Ultra Gas-Fired Sauna Heaters

Ultra Sauna Gas Heater Considered the finest sauna heater in the world 100% stainless steel Extra large rock tray instantly transforms the sauna into a steam sauna Do not require continuous replacement of elements Made in USA since 1964 Note: Your Ultra Sauna Gas heater should be installed only by a licensed electrician and HVAC professional.
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Ultra Electric Sauna Heaters image

Ultra Electric Sauna Heaters

Ultra Sauna Electric Heater Considered the best in the world 100% Stainless Steel Solid Stainless Steel rock pan design Field tested and customer approved Made in USA since 1964 Exclusive '"national preferred vendor'" for the YMCA for the past 13 years. Ultra Sauna is also the exclusive preferred vendor for Powerhouse Gyms and a preferred vendor for Gold''s International and Bally''s Total Fitness. You will also find Ultra Sauna heaters in top resorts, hotels and universities around the world.
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PowerZone Series image

PowerZone Series

PowerZone Series IndustryA,''s first sauna and steam automatic sanitization system Mold, mildew, bacteria and that ubiquitous musty smell are things of the past Eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleanings and scrubbing Remedies the on-going sanitary concerns of the commercial sauna and steam room, using the principals of corona discharge Reduces the use of toxic chemicals Decreases man-hours dedicated to cleaning saunas and steam rooms
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Steam SHIELD 8000 Filter image

Steam SHIELD 8000 Filter

Steam Shield 8000 Industry's first filter designed specifically for steam boiler and steam generator Independently tested by an E.P.A approved laboratory to ANSI/NFS Standard 42 specifications for the reduction of Particulate Class II, Chlorine, Chloramine, Taste, and Odor.
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Aroma Guard III Pump image

Aroma Guard III Pump

Scandia AromaGuard The most intelligent aroma pumps available Up to 3 different aromas can be programmed, depending on model Allows for aroma distribution based on room size Integrated non-return valve preventing backflow Run-Dry sensor
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Scandia Sauna Wood Oil image

Scandia Sauna Wood Oil

As the industry leader in commercial saunas, we understand that one of the biggest challenges the owners of high-use saunas face is how to keep their rooms looking pristine after years of high traffic use. Regular use of organic sauna wood oil not only defends the wood against pests and mildew, it also keeps the sauna looking and feeling fresh long after its first use by refreshing the natural cedar color and aroma.
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Descaler image


Our Descaling Release Agent is an all-natural, non-toxic food grade agent specifically formulated for use in commercial steam room generators. When used as directed, this agent has proven to be a safe and effective way to descale and maintain efficient operation of generators.
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Combined Thermometer and Hygrometer Traditional Design Ideal for Any SaunaOriginal Scandia ProductStainless Steel and Glass Construction
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Himalayan Salt Panels image

Himalayan Salt Panels

Himalayan Pink Salt is a natural wonder of the world. Marveled for thousands of years, Himalayan Pink Salt possesses over 64 trace minerals found in the human body. Exposure to Himalayan Salt has proven the ability to boost the immune system, revitalize skin, and even reverse signs of aging. Through our proprietary Himalayan Pink Salt Brick design, it is now possible to build you own salt wall! Harnessing the mystique of this ancient mineral, you can turn any space into an experience with the beauty and functionality of our all-Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks. This is a natural product dimensions are approximate and may vary.
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Sauna Rocks image

Sauna Rocks

High Structural Density, resistant to shattering and early erosionVisually pleasing 3" to 5" rough diameter, provides a natural feel to the sauna environmentSourced from select rivers and beaches in Mexico, North AmericaReduces wear and tear on the Sauna elements, increasing sauna heater longevity
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Himalayan Salt Sconces image

Himalayan Salt Sconces

With our new Himalayan Salt Sconces, introduce both a natural light and halo-generative therapy to your sauna. Made with Tibetan Sourced Pink Sea Salt and Wood Species of your choosing.
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Sauna Alarm

Am-Finn's High Temperature Sauna & Steam Room Alarm works independently of the sensor build into the heating unit. The sensor on our alarm continually monitor's the room temperature and will manually shut down the heater if it senses the temperature rising above safe levels. The maximum allowed heat level is set by you and the facility owner and can be adjusted at any time via your alarm dashboard. Am-Finn's Sauna Alarm sends SMS text and email alerts when the sauna heater or steam generator is shut down. Am-Finn has developed an online dashboard for remote temperature monitoring.
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Latest News

The Eco-Sauna and Hybrid Steam Room are now certified by Greener Products. January 2011 - We are excited the Am-Finn Hybrid Steam Room and Eco-Sauna are now certified by Greener Products. The Eco-Sauna has a low VOC (volatile organic compound), is made of recycled content and is considered rapidly renewable. Our Hybrid Steam Room received certification under the low VOC's and energy efficiency. Currently we have shown that our Hybrid Steam Room can reduce energy costs by up to 50% compared to running a traditional steam room.
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