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Our comprehensive collection of various styles of ornament is available in print or PDF format. Please follow the links on our website to view the available catalogs or click here to order
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Chess Tables

Our authentic New York City Chess Tables are seen throughout the New York metro area in parks, playgrounds, libraries and residential developments. The chess tables feature a green and white terrazzo playing surface defined by inlaid brass strips.
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1939 World's Fair Bench

The iconic bench of New York City's Parks department was developed for use at the 1939 World's Fair, which was held in New York during 1938 and 1939. Robert Moses and Kenneth Lynch collaborated on the final design to maximize comfort and to take advantage of manufacturing processes. Over the years we have further improved on the design and are still a preferred manufacturer of the bench due to our accuracy to the original details. Over the years many variations of the design have been added to satisfy changing needs in park use.
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Central Park Settee

The design of the Central Park Settee is based on benches used during the creation of New York's Central Park, circa 1858. Re-introduced in 1994, this bench style has been used in the less formal and pasture like areas of Central Park. The classic look of the Settee is completed with the iron parts powder coated black and the wood painted Central Park green.
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Concrete Benches

This familiar park bench has been used in New York since the 1930A's as cities everywhere moved to durable, immovable benches, it can be found in locations throughout Central Park, and is the bench type consistently used in playgrounds and along the park perimeter. In the New York Parks Department this bench is also known as the Chrystie Forsythe Bench and was originally designed for the Sara D. Roosevelt Park, circa 1934. We started producing this bench in 2005 after our acquisition of the molds from the Londino Stone Company.
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1964 World's Fair Bench

1964 World's Fair Bench, also know as the Flushing Meadows Corona Park Bench. This bench is based on the original design used for the 1964 World Fair which was held in Queens, NY. The original benches for the fair were made of cast aluminum, our model is made of virtually unbreakable ductile iron with a silver powder coat to replicate the look of the original aluminum. This bench model was re-introduced into the Parks Department in 1995. It has become very popular over the past several years and is used in various parks through out the 5 boroughs of New York and various suburban towns.
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Garden Bench Collection

Our cast stone garden benches are available in a variety of sizes and designs ranging from ornate to simplistic. The material is durable and comfortable making them ideal for public and private installations. All benches are provided with anchoring provisions.
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From simple pools to grand scale fountains, clients may select unique stock pieces or custom design their own fountain using our numerous elements.
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Planters range in size from those properly suited for blocking traffic to smaller versions that nicely decorate a small terrace. Cast stone planters are thick walled to sustain dramatic temperature fluctuations.
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We offer an unrivaled selection of classical figures. Our lead is the purest available at 99.5%. The cast stone can withstand any of the climate zones and is created to age to a natural stone appearance.
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We build unique sundials from stock or custom designs for use in public areas or private landscapes. Armillary, wall mounted, and horizontal designs in bronze, wrought iron, and cast stone are available.
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Our models are in cast stone ranging in height from 4" to 40" with designs of high ornamentation to minimal detail. Most can be cored to accommodate anchoring or plumbing.
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Animal Statuary

We offer a variety of animals in cast stone, lead, and bronze sized correctly for public parks or residential gardens. Piping is available on models where appropriate.
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Steel Trash Receptacle image

Steel Trash Receptacle

Steel Trash Receptacle, woven wire mesh stand alone unit with 8' long chain and 'S' hooks for security. Finishes available: galvanized or powder coat in black or central park green, other RAL powder coat colors by special request.
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Our collection has more than 3,000 weathervane designs to choose from. These designs include animals, banners, historical and mythological figures, logos, ships and more. All are handmade using copper, aluminum, or stainless steel.
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Bird Baths

Birdbaths are beautiful and functional pieces of garden art. A variety of sizes and styles are available.
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Raintrees are a product unique to Kenneth Lynch & Sons, created by hand using copper and bronze. With carefully placed copper leaves these trees are plumbed as water features. All designs can be customized to fit the location.
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Oriental Sculpture and Lanterns

Our oriental sculpture and lanterns were carefully selected for their complimentary style to our classical ornaments.
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Classic lion masks and stylized dolphins are suitable for wall mounted water features or as ornaments in garden rooms.
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Borders are made of lead and are most commonly used to create pools, cisterns, or planters. A series of borders can be used together to achieve the overall height and size desired.
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Florentine Craftsmen

Kenneth Lynch & Sons acquired the Florentine Craftsmen company of Long Island City, NY, in 2011. We proudly continue the tradition of exemplary craftsmanship of ornaments in lead, aluminum and iron. The classically styled fountains, statuary and planters are familiar yet unique. These items have been integrated into the Lynch Estate Elements portion of our firm. We invite you to explore the website or review the full offering in our catalog.
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Photo Gallery

Kenneth Lynch & Sons has the resources to take your concept from drawings to production.
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