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Single Acoustic Panel Systems - ACOUSTI-SEAL®

For the largest openings, storage in remote pockets and in complex partition layouts, the single panel is the operable partition of choice. Modernfold single panel acoustic systems provide the ultimate in versatility and flexibility, allowing such capabilities as multiple room setups and changes in the location of pass doors and work surfaces. Advantages of Modernfold Single Panel Systems Solves complex layout challenges Satisfies high ceiling requirements with custom engineered panels up to 50' high Accommodates wide variations in floor conditions Acousti-Seal® Encore®, 931 and 911 are all available with easy-to-operate SmartTrack™ all-steel suspension system technology, making panel storage virtually foolproof Optimal for usage in conference, multi-purpose, hospitality and convention facilities
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Paired Panel System - ACOUSTI-SEAL®

For straight-line openings that do not require multiple locations or offset storage, an Acousti-Seal® paired panel system is ideal. Quick and easy setup is possible since panels are hinged together in groups of two and move in a straight line within the opening. Advantages of Modernfold Paired Panel Systems Hinged together in groups of two, facilitating quick, easy setup Straight-line openings that do not require multiple locations or offset storageNo auxiliary storage track or support required Economical overhead support of straight-line track Smooth operation Simple automatic bottom seals for efficient operation Suited for applications that require exceptional durability, acoustic control and frequent use Panels are designed to be stored at either or both ends of an opening Optimal usage in classrooms, meeting rooms or office spaces Optional SOSS® invisible hinge eliminates the hinge protrusion on the panel face, adding safety and a fine line appearance
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Continuously Hinged Panel System - ACOUSTI-SEAL®

Continuously hinged panels are connected in a train, extending as one complete unit. Modernfold continuously hinged partitions facilitate quick setup time and provide efficient and convenient separation. Automated operation provides automatic setup without the need for manually moving the partitions into place. Modernfold provides state of the art safety systems as operational safety is vitally important to Modernfold. Advantages of Modernfold Continuously Hinged Systems Quick and effortless setup Totally automatic electric operation allows for quick separation Bottom seals are set automatically when the partition is fully extended Lifetime guarantee on heavy duty barrel hinges Keyed switches prevent unauthorized operation and integrated safety systems insure safe operation for electric partitions Optimal for usage in school gyms, classrooms, hotels, and board rooms One-piece panels are available on partitions up to 24' tall
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Designer Line Operable Partitions - DESIGNER LINE

From our beginnings, customization has been a hallmark of the way we help customers create the space designs that work best for them. Whether aiming to achieve a unique design for the operable partition or to match existing walls, Modernfold has the capability to ship a completed project direct from the factory or to allow customization in the field. Give us your most intricate architectural challenge, and let Modernfold bring your plan to life Modernfold Designer Line options include Decorative substrates such as INTERLAM® architectural wall panels Custom coverings such as fabric, carpet and vinyl Plastic laminates, metal laminates, metals and decorative metal designs Modernfold has partnered with Rigidized Metals® and Chemetal® to provide Acousti-Seal® with a variety of unique finish options Window cutouts and inserts Artistic glass, etched glass and resins for use in a variety of products Custom murals Full or partial height custom windows Special layouts including: sloped floors, segmented walls, curved layouts
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Acoustic Movable Glass Wall System - ACOUSTI-CLEAR®

Acousti-Clear®, a new innovation in space management and room design by Modernfold, Inc., delivers the ultra-sleek contemporary aesthetics of aluminum and glass with highly desired sound separation, all courtesy of a new and innovative glass wall system.Modern design is characterized by its clear, elegant transparency. But a basic requirement still exists-to use space effectively and efficiently in terms of acoustics and aesthetics.Acousti-Clear® successfully unifies these two previously contradictory demands by offering the modern design elements of glass while providing the ability to customize your space demands with privacy and sound control. Acousti-Clear® Motorized:Acousti-Clear® Motorized partitions eliminates any and all set-up concerns with its innovative ComforTronic® motorized seal system. Once the single panel is pushed into place, motorized top and bottom seals activate to provide a constant and perfect seal every time to maximize acoustics. Optional motorized venetian blinds Clear Anodized or Satin Stainless Aluminum, over 200 Classic RAL Powder Coat Options Custom Glass, Veneer, Wilsonart® Laminates.MorphGlas™ or Venetian Blind Privacy Options51 STC & 45 STC Glass Partition. Acousti-Clear® Automatic:For the cost conscious, Acousti-Clear® Automatic partitions feature Modernfold's innovative seal system,which automatically sets both top and bottom seals by simply advancing each panel forward into the adjoining panel with no cranks to turn or buttons to push. Single and paired panel systems Maximum flexibility for challenging or complex layout issues Newly designed glass expandable panel Full glass wall experience while controlling the sound between spaces Clear Anodized or Satin Stainless Aluminum, over 200 Classic RAL Powder Coat Options Custom Glass, Veneer, Wilsonart® LaminatesGlass Pass Door for Unobstructed Line of-Sight51 STC & 45 STC Glass PartitionsAcousti-Clear® Demountable: Unlimited flexibilityAcoustical control45 or 51 STC acoustical rating when constructed with glass panels and a 50 STC rating when constructed with solid panelsClear Anodized or Satin Stainless Aluminum, over 200 Classic RAL PowderCoat OptionsCustom Glass, Veneer, Wilsonart® LaminatesComfortDrive® Automated Self-Driving Panel SystemConvenience and automation are two highly desired features of movable walls. With ComfortDrive®, Compactline® glass panels can be moved to a variety of individually pre-programmed positions under fully automatic control. The control interface takes the form of a user-friendly touch pad that can be programmed to maximize your space in a variety of applications.Fully automatic operation at the push of a buttonExceptional convenience with dynamic opening and closing speeds of up to 30ft. per minuteEasy operation with user friendly touch padHigh level of safety ensured by an integrated monitoring system that stops and reverses the panel on contact with an obstacleUL® 325 safety-tested and certifiedPanels individually programmable for custom configurationsSingle panel weights up to 325 lbsSegmented and curved track layouts also possible
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Horizontal Rail Systems

Imagine the sheer beauty of uninterrupted glass yet housed in a design that delivers smooth operation and rock solid stability. That's the promise of Modernfold Horizontal Rail Systems, the ideal solution when you need both visibility and security. Advantages of Modernfold Horizontal Rail Systems Top and bottom rails for panel stability No vertical trim creates a clean frontage with no visual interruptions System of choice for applications with complex layouts or needing remote pocket storage Smart Track™ suspension system simplifies setup and storage 2-year warranty on all systems Straight line, angled or circular configurationsCompactline® The Compactline arc adds harmony to the overall appearance by providing large glazed areas with distinctively curved top and bottom transitions. This option features a door closer option that is integrated as a concealed unit; an invisible solution that keeps lines smooth and uninterrupted. Straight line, angled or circular configurations Full wall panels with corner and angled elements Single and double pass doors available All working parts are integrated into the profiles, creating a seamless look Lightweight for ease of operation DRS Innovative design, quality materials and the finest workmanship assure that Modernfold DRS rails meet the most demanding conditions. The DRS system offers dry glaze side literails to match door profiles, plus a complete range of bottom rails to meet ADA requirements. This system is available with either a sliding panel closure or a pivot panel closure. Optional floor closer and handles allow a pivot panel closure to be used as a pass door. The DRS design allows for snap-on covers, as well as on-site size adjustability and glass replacement.PureView® / PureView Plus®PureView®, the ultimate in space flexibility and daylighting,provides a highly-desired movable glass wall system that provides uninterrupted sight lines, a variety of glass options, double-brushed top and bottom seals, interconnecting floor bolts for convenience and security, a variety of anodized aluminum options, and the ability to powder coat in over 170 RAL color options.
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Single-Point Fitting System

Immerse your space in light with Modernfold Moveable Glass Walls featuring a Single-Point Fitting System. The HSW-GP offering utilizes single point fittings on the glass panels in combination with a conventional track rail profile. The design, featuring a highgrade stainless steel finish and distinctive flush-mounted attachments, coordinate perfectly with contemporary architecture. Advantages of the Modernfold Single-Point Fitting System Minimal clearance between glass panel and track Flush-mounted single point fittings Manual sliding of panels No floor track Curved or straight application Clear glass, tinted glass, etched glass and appliques 2-year warranty on all system
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Folding Sliding System

Whether for an airport retail storefront or a dividingwall for an office conference area,Folding Sliding Wall Systems (FSW-C / FSW-G) are ideal for any application where totalvision is required. Glass walls transcend the limitations of fixed solid walls, multiply youroptions for designing space, and let daylight shine through to interior spaces. FSWsliding walls are available in a range of customizable systems to meet your designrequirements. The track can be arranged in a variety of configurations and slidingpanels can be moved without using floor guides or channels. Bolts and locks secureeach sliding panel in position and the panels are easy to adjust, align, and operateAdvantages of the Modernfold Folding Sliding System Ideal solution for banks, shopping malls, galleries and more Provides openness with transparency No floor track Glass designs can be incorporated to provide a tailored look Enhances functionality while filling spaces with light 2-year warranty on all systems FSW-C The panels of an FSW-C system have trolleys located in the center of the panel with equal dimensions of panel exposure on both sides of the track center line when stacked. This is an alternative for confined spaces as the stacked panels take up only half the space inside and out. FSW-G FSW-G folding sliding walls are fully glazed partitions and frontages, with door rails top and bottom, track roller position at the end of every second panel.
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Accordion Doors and Partitions - Soundmaster® / Modernfold®

With accordion doors and partitions from Modernfold, putting space to new use is as simple as drawing a curtain. But simplicity never takes the place of strength and versatility, and Modernfold gives you options that let you add style, value and even moderate sound control to your space division needs.For added convenience,optional electric operation makes dividing large, even curved openings as easy as turning a key. Long term strength and durability is made possible by the system's patented, three-dimensional welded steel frame and heavy-duty construction.Large selection of standard finishesQuick sight and sound division with a simple pull-and-latch operationElectric operation available on many modelsAvailable as single and paired openingsCurved track allows partition to move around corners for optimal design flexibility and storage
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Options and Accessories

Enhance your Modernfold partitions by adding standard or customized options and accessories. They provide solutions that can improve the safety, functionality and security of your facility, as well as add to its aesthetic appeal.Modernfold understands every project is unique and demands individualized attention to design, product selection and service. From basic sight separation and sound attenuation to the highest quality acoustical separation, Modernfold has solutions for the design and functional needs of your facility.Choose from an array of custom applications, including window cutouts, moldings, spinner panel walls, barn door sliders, telescoping sliders, sloped floors or risers and locking expandable closure. Tell Modernfold what you need your partition system to achieve and let us put our expertise to work for you. (Some custom applications are field applied; for special custom manufacturing options, please see your Modernfold distributor.)
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Pass Doors / Pocket Doors image

Pass Doors / Pocket Doors

Includes single and double pass doors, as well as acoustic and non-acoustic solutions to conceal storage areas.Pass Door Features Single and double configurations Matching pass door Hollow metal pass door No exposed vertical or horizontal trim Steel pass door legs provide durability, strength, and safety Acoustical and non-acoustical construction One-hour UL Fire ratings available ADA-compliant hardware available Optional door viewer available Pocket Door Features Acoustic and non-acoustic solutions to conceal panel storage areas Pre-fabricated with jambs and hardware installed Jambs vinyl/fabric wrapped to match or complement finish of panels
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Hardware / Trim

Hardware Features Locking expandable closure Panic hardware SOSS® invisible hinge Exit signs (chemical and photo luminescent) Extended hinges to accommodate surface mounted options Door latches Lever latch 180-degree open door closer Key locking foot bolts Trim Colors Natural Choice (SW7011) Smoke Gray SW7668) Dark Bronze (SW2035) Hinge Colors White (SW17G) Sand (SW6141) Taupe SW6152) Natural Choice (SW7011) Smoke Gray SW7668) Dark Bronze (SW2035)
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Modernfold Truss System™   image

Modernfold Truss System™

Continuing its tradition of innovation, Modernfold has engineered and developed the Modernfold Truss System™ - A floor-supported truss system designed and engineered specifically for the proper support of Modernfold Operable Partitions where overhead support is unavailable. The Modernfold Truss System™ allows you to design operable partitions and sound separation for places where they were once thought to be impossible.Ideal for both new and existing structures, the Modernfold Truss System® eliminates the need for overhead support, allowing each space to be customizable for the efficient use of each space. This engineered truss system is assembled onsite in easily manageable pieces to allow for easy access into tenant improvement locations.Don't let the lack of overhead support stop you from managing your space the way you want. The Modernfold Truss System allows you to dictate the way your space can work for you. Compatible With These Modernfold ProductsAcousti-Seal® products utilizing #17 track system. Accordion utilizing #6 or #7 track system direct mounted to #17 removable bracket. GWS products utilizing #17G or G-330 track systems. The G-330 is direct mounted to a #17 removable bracket. Features Easily assembled on site Adjustable height and width Supports up to 500 lb panels No component weighing over 300 lbs Fits within 24" plenum space Ideal for new and existing structures Unlimited design opportunities Enables in line and side stacking Meets ASCE 7-05 Seismic criteria Maximum floor load of 575 psi Optional floor load of 350 psi Engineered specifically for Modernfold Operable Walls Truss system may be ordered in advance Truss and panel installation may occur simultaneously with one vendor Entire truss and panel system may be moved to similar space to accommodate changing needs
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