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TYPAR® MetroWrap®

TYPAR® MetroWrap™ TYPAR® brings heavyweight performance to the residential market. But we also deliver the superior weather barrier for multi-family dwellings, light commercial projects, and large commercial structures, too. Engineered specifically for buildings over four stories, TYPAR MetroWrap provides extraordinary tear strength to hold tighter where the elements hit harder. It handles harsh chemicals and jobsite cleaning. And with unbeatable UV resistance, it can even help take the pressures off of construction delays and changing timelines.Leading Features and Benefits: No UV degradation for up to 12 months Tear strength five times greater than the competition Superior air and water holdout reduces energy costs Won't support mold growth Protects indoor air quality Resists damaging surfactants and cleaning techniques 
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TYPAR® BuildingWrap

TYPAR BuildingWrap excels in all the ways that matter most to true construction pros. For starters, it's rugged - with tear strength that's five times greater than the competition. And while it blocks air and water from getting in, it's smart enough to let moisture out of the wall cavity. That means it stands up to the elements with toughness and intelligence other building wraps can't touch. Plus it delivers incredible durability, efficiency, and safety long after the cladding is up.Leading Features and Benefits: Superior water holdout defends the wall cavity Exceptional air blockage increases energy-efficiencyOptimal breathability decreases risk of mold growth Extraordinary tear strength prevents worksite damage Surfactant resistance reduces hazards of oils, soaps, and powerwashing UV protection stops rays and provides six months exposure time Works with most types of cladding
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NEW - TYPAR® Drainable Wrap™

Here's the first thing to know: It's from TYPAR. That means it's based on an already incredible material that leads in rugged, top-performing weather defense. But with a layer of integrated polypropylene fibers, we've added a highly effective drainage gap to shed bulk moisture. Better still, it works efficiently, no matter which direction you install it. Bottom line, are you concerned about drenching downpours, mold, and rot? Put up TYPAR Drainable Wrap to prevent water from compromising the wall cavity - and your reputation.Leading Features and Benefits:Delivers the tear strength, air holdout, and breathability of TYPAR® BuildingWrap™ Drains significantly faster than most conventional house wraps, per ASTM E2273 testing Install it any direction without affecting performance Exceeds minimum AC38 Code Requirement for Drainage Efficiency as per ASTM E2273
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TYPAR® Flexible Flashing

Rounded windows can be a challenge. But as far as we're concerned, the problem of getting a complete seal -and doing it efficiently - is solved. TYPAR Flexible Flashing is a two-ply oriented, high-density polyethylene film mated to a premium rubber adhesive and release sheet. That simply means it's a high-performance, highly conformable peel-and-stick product that blocks air and moisture intrusion in tricky places. Rely on it to play an integral role in ensuring all parts of your weather barrier system deliver the best level of defense.Leading Features and BenefitsExtremely rugged, yet easily conformableEnsures tight seal around curved windows, window flanges, sill plates, corners, and joists Improves air and moisture holdoutSelf-seals around nail penetrations
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TYPAR®: Flashing AT (all-temperature)

Bitter cold. Searing heat. They won't compromise your ability to get the strongest seal possible. TYPAR All-Temperature Flashing is engineered to perform in a broad range of extremes and protect against moisture penetration at windows, doors and through-wall entry points. Whether we're talking OSB, plywood, aluminum, vinyl, or the building wrap, it sticks tight under the toughest conditions. Its easy-to-install properties make it ideal for faster, hassle-free installation during construction. And its durable character defends homes for years after the cladding is up.Leading Features and BenefitsSuitable for installation down to 0° F (-18° C)Thermally stable up to 180° F (82° C)Sticks to wet surfacesSelf-seals around nail penetrationsSplit poly backing for easy installNo primer requiredNo VOC, NFCC, or CFCTwo-year shelf life
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TYPAR® Construction Tape

It's just tape, right? Not even close. TYPAR Construction Tape does a critical job in maintaining the highest levels of integrity for the building envelope. It tears quickly, and its pressure-sensitive adhesive sticks aggressively - even if you're working under low-temperature conditions. Depend on it to grab tight immediately and stay strong for years, ensuring that air and moisture don't force their way in at seams and edges. TYPAR Construction Tape is a superior line of defense for your homes and structures, available by the roll.Leading Features and BenefitsEngineered for commercial and residential applicationsApply to corners, joints, and seamsSeals against air and moisture infiltrationUV- and weather-resistantEasy-tear edge for fast applicationExcellent tensile strengthPerforms in cold weather; apply down to 0° F (-18° C) 
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