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Pitched Roof Insulation

Our product range for pitched roofs include insulation solutions for applications either at the ceiling line or above the rafter, which all provide thermal, fire and sound protection. Application at the ceiling line is ideal for residential buildings where the loft space does not need to be habitable. Our solutions include multiple easy installable products ranging from different insulation rolls to blown fibers. We also offer a range of insulation solutions for application between the rafters. These can be used in conjunction with insulation above the rafters to achieve the desired level of performance. MULTIFIX™COMFORTBATT®COMFORTBOARD™ 80ROCKBOARD®TOPROCK® DDTOPROCK® DD PLUS
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Flat Roof Insulation

Flat roof insulation is often used in commercial constructions to reduce heat transfer, provide fire resistance and reduce noise pollution. ROCKWOOL™ flat roof thermal insulation and insulation coverboards have been designed to provide resilient, energy efficient solutions to improve performance and lower costs. Thermal InsulationROCKWOOL™ roof thermal insulation products provide necessary thermal resistance to meet building and energy code requirements in flat and low-slope roofing applications. In addition to added thermal resistance they provide added fire resistance, sound absorbency and increased dimensional stability for the roof enclosure system. Conventional low-slope roofs require two layers of thermal insulation and ROCKWOOL™ thermal insulation products can act as either or both layers as well as an insulating coverboard. Coverboard InsulationROCKWOOL™ coverboard products provide a suitable substrate for membrane attachment on top of other thermal insulation products. They also provide added thermal resistance in order to reduce the height of the system and provide added fire resistance and dimensional stability to roof enclosure systems. MULTIFIX™TOPROCK® DDTOPROCK® DD PLUS
Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews