METROBRICK® Fast Ship Program

Thin brick when you need it fast! Offering select products as part of the METROBRICK® thin brick fast ship program.

On construction projects, tight deadlines are always an issue. Often, long lead times just won't work and anxiously waiting for material is never a good thing. Sometimes delays can't be helped but as the old saying goes, "time is money".

METROBRICK® created the Fast Ship Program, with quick turnaround for small orders in mind -normally under 10,000 sq/ft. With the METROBRICK® Fast Ship Program, METROBRICK's nine most popular colors and seven blends - in modular size - ship to you FAST.

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METROBRICK® manufactures Above TBX Grade Architectural Thin Brick to be used with the following systems:
Precast Concrete Panels, Tilt-up Concrete Panels, Prefabricated Metal Panels, Field Applied Systems/Applications and Cast in Place Concrete Elements.

Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews

Features and Benefits - METROBRICK®

Features and Benefits:
  • Above TBX Grade tolerances to insure a proper fit into any form liner system.
  • Designed with a dovetailed back for superior bond performance.
  • A variety of colors and finishes.
  • Custom colors and blending available.
  • Corner pieces and edge caps manufactured to hold shape.
  • Available with an unwaxed or waxed finish (for easy clean up).
  • Outstanding customer support staff to help you @ 1-888-325-3945

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Precast Projects

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Tilt-Up Project

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Field Applied Project

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Building Green

Building Green is the right thing to do.
The first time a community introduced recycling, it had to learn the procedures. What do you do with this new curb side container? What can and can't you put in it? What day do you put it out? It's certain many resisted the change.

Once learned, it becomes habit. Columbus, Ohio recently reported that it's landfill will be full in 25 years. If they can reduce and redirect 20% of the waste over that time, when will the taxpayer need to 'buy' a new one? 30 years? 40 years?

Building green is saving money as much as saving our planet's resources. If a thin brick wall system can save resources, construction costs and monthly utility costs, then why are designers resisting the offer to consider a thin brick solution early in a project's design phase? What is stopping us from learning the first time and trying a proven, energy efficient system?

Just like recycling, once mastered; designing with sustainable materials and systems will become second nature.

Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews