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Stone Veneer

Environmental StoneWorks is the only national manufacturer and installer of stone veneer, so there is one point of responsibility from start to finish. Over the past three decades, Environmental StoneWorks has consistently expanded its turnkey solutions to provide a complete range of stone and brick veneer products and installation services to the nationA's leading commercial and residential builders. Across the US, Environmental StoneWorks continues to earn trust and recognition through its one-stop, comprehensive turnkey solution. Combined with a solid financial foundation, US builders, owners, and architects alike benefit from Environmental StoneWorksA' prime advantages over other stone manufacturers. A few of these advantages include: Construction management for every project, both large and small, to provide communication to owners, general contractors and architects. Design assistance to ensure complete specification compliance. Ongoing commitment to job-site safety and adherence to all OSHA regulations. Customization capabilities to develop any stone or veneer panel desired at no extra cost. Inspired by Nature and Crafted by Precision®, the aesthetics of the most appealing natural stones are replicated by Environmental StoneWorksA' molding stone and brick veneer varieties and all accessories out of lightweight aggregate, portland cement, iron oxide pigments and proprietary additives. Virtually maintenance free, stone and brick veneer combines utility, durability and economy with beauty whether applied as a basic structural component or used to create distinctive office buildings, restaurants, hotels, retail establishments or multi-family and single family homes..
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Design Assistance

As a turnkey provider of stone veneer, we have a unique understanding of the stone business that is unmatched in the industry. Our Sales Account Managers are trained to provide our customers with design assistance so their projects come off the drawing board with ease and perfection. Whether it's changing the architectural look of the building or achieving a value-engineered solution, our company has experience helping designers with thousands of projects since its beginning in the late 1970's. Once a design is created, our fully automated proprietary estimating system will ensure accurate material take-offs and quick turnaround of proposals.
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Environmental StoneWorks & OSHA

Our team of dedicated, full-time safety professionals includes an executive level Safety Director who is backed by OSHA-trained Safety Marshalls who enforce standards and procedures throughout the company. All Environmental StoneWorks facilities and jobsites undergo routine safety inspections, as well as regular training and certification on key risk areas within our business.
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Installers and Project Managers

We understand that the beauty of any project rests in the hands of an expert craftsman. That's why our company has hundreds of installers, many with over 16 years of masonry experience. This hands-on expertise, backed by highly detailed and specific installation procedures, form the basis of control in the field that allows us to meet local building codes and the needs of our customers. Every installation project is assigned a trained Sales Account Manager and an Installation Project Manager who work closely with our installers. This team ensures that our installation crews shine by overseeing all aspects of safety, quality, communication, scheduling and housekeeping.
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