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Manual Solar Shades image

Manual Solar Shades - TruePerformance™

True Performance Manual Solar Shades are all about keeping customers happy every time they open or lower their shades. With strong, durable, and wear-resistant materials, the roller shade clutch system provides smooth operation and pull force. Manual window shades from SWFcontract are cost-effective for you and the end-user and increase energy-efficiency. Easy shade lift, effective daylight control, stunning shade cloth. That's true performance.
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Vertical Blinds - Graber® Ultra-Vue™, Super-Vue®, Dura-Vue™

Vertical blinds are the most specified commercial grade vertical blind solution. The G-71 Super-Vue sets itself apart from other vertical blinds through its ability to be customized to each project. With an aluminum headrail made from all recycled parts and a steel pantograph to provide uniform spacing, the G-71 Super-Vue is built for quality. That's why it's the most specified vertical blind in the industry.
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SWFcontract Faux Wood Blinds

Traditional wood blinds don't work for every building. When you want attractive, reliable, commercial faux wood window blinds for your project, we've got you covered. Our faux wood window blinds give you and your end-users the look and feel of real wood with higher functionality and lower price points, and the wood alternative slats are moisture-resistant and meet the requirements of NFPA 701. SWFcontract faux wood is a real value for you and your customers.
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Cellular Shades image

Cellular Shades - CrystalPleat®

SWFcontract Commercial Cellular Shades are a winning solution to your commercial window coverings project. Our cellular shades have a wide range of fabric thickness to meet the particular needs of your project, light-filtering and blackout shade options are available. Cellular shades offer a more delicate, textured window covering that controls solar energy and offer excellent sound absorption, cellular shades also reduce noise.
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Cellular Specialty Solutions - Graber®

​SWFcontract offers a versatile selection of shapes that will accommodate even the most unique applications. Specialty shapes are available in the same wide range of colors and fabrics as standard shades, and in opacities ranging from sheer to room darkening. Extend the energy efficiency and acoustical benefits of shades to specially shaped windows while making a visual statement.
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Wood Blinds image

Wood Blinds - Graber® Elite

SWFcontract Elite Wood Blinds enhance privacy and light control, while offering durability and a classic look. Our consistent quality sets us apart as we follow exacting standards for producing our blinds, from wood drying to our state-of-the-art finishing process. But our quality begins at the source as we craft our blinds from North American hardwoods-the premier wood for producing superior blinds.
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Drapery Hardware image

Drapery Hardware - Graber®, Contrack®

The Graber Contrack® and Super-Duty Slimline Drapery Hardware Systems provide reliable, lasting performance in commercial settings. Contrack sets the standard with heavy-duty aluminum drapery hardware tracks for pinch pleat drapery. Available in a variety of systems with ball bearing carriers, Contrack offers the widest range of applications-from curved to tight curved drapery to recessed applications. The Super-Duty Slimline Track System can be configured for pinch pleat, stack pleat, or roll pleat drapery, and works well for recess mounting applications, extra-wide openings, and heavy drapery requirements. The Slimline uses carriers with hard thermoplastic wheels for long life and the smoothest traversing.
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