RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System

RetroPlate is a chemically reactive liquid which enhances concrete density and hardness, allowing concrete surfaces to be polished to a high, marble-like sheen. In conjunction with diamond tools and machinery, and the process of grinding and polishing concrete, the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System transforms new and old concrete into strong, durable and beautiful works of art.

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The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System includes three basic steps (four including custom color/dye) performed by certified applicators.


Grind the floor with industrial strength diamonds to remove imperfections such as trowel marks or scratches,and expose bare concrete by removing existing coatings or mastics. Grinding can be light to heavy depending on the desired level of exposed aggregate.


Add style and personality to your polished concrete floors with an array of color options. Achieve any look and style with full color floors, custom logos or unique patterns. Color options for polished concrete include: integral color, dry shake and topical dyes and stains.


RetroPlate penetrates the concrete and chemically reacts to harden and densify the floor by filling pores and creating a denser surface. Many densifiers on the market claim to work for polished concrete, but RetroPlate has been specifically formulated to allow the concrete surface to be polished to a marble-like sheen.


Polish the floor with progressively finer diamond grits to achieve the level of shine and reflection desired. Polished concrete floors can be polished from a flat, matte appearance, to a highly polished, glossy finish.

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  • LEED Qualified
  • Increased Abrasion Resistance
  • Increased Floor Hardness
  • Marble-Like Shine / Increased Light Reflectivity
  • Densified Floor Surface, 
  • Dustproof
  • Low Maintenance
  • Unlimited Decorative Combinations

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Concrete floors are strong, functional and long wearing. However, they are not bullet proof. Proper care is vital and necessary to ensure the long term benefits of a densified and densified polished concrete floor.  Long touted as "maintenance free,"  concrete floors are actually "low maintenance," and with the proper know-how, will perform for a lifetime.

Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for Concrete Floors

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Design Your Floor

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Green & Sustainable

The RetroPlate System was designed with environmentally responsible ingredients and as a result, contributes to LEED Points. It has been used in many facilities earning LEED Platinum, Gold, Silver and Certified status.

LEED Point Credits
Green Projects

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Ashford Formula - The Original Concrete Densifier

Ashford Formula is a chemically reactive liquid that penetrates the concrete, solidifying the concrete surface components into a solid mass.It produces a permanently denser, harder, penetration and abrasion-resistant concrete surface. Ashford Formula is inorganic, nontoxic, VOC free, colorless and odorless.

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Ashford Formula SDS
2019 Project Highlights Photobook

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CreteStrip - Concrete Stripper

CreteStrip is a chemical agent specifically designed to remove residues and coatings like tire marks, acrylics, carpet and tile mastics, paint, etc. from concrete and masonry surfaces in preparation for the application of the Ashford Formula and RetroPlate concrete densifiers.

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CreteStrip Sales Sheet
CreteStrip SDS

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KickStart - Concrete Grinding Accelerator & Clarity Enhancer

KickStart is a concrete grinding accelerator and clarity enhancer that provides accelerated and enhanced clarity to hard steel troweled concrete in fewer grinding/polishing steps. In conjunction with CreteClean Plus, KickStart produces enhanced clarity at any finish, whether cream, salt ‘n pepper or exposed aggregate.

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KickStart - SDS

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CreteClean Plus - Concrete Cleaner

Not all floor cleaners are created equal, and this is especially true for concrete cleaners. CreteClean Plus is specifically designed to complement and work with concrete floors, helping them remain in excellent working condition and always looking great. CreteClean Plus is void of acids, hydroxides and sulfates which can be harmful to concrete, has a pH level complementary to that of aged/cured concrete, and utilizes Polar Micelle Technology for maximum pick-up of soil and grit from the floor surface.

Product Literature:
Cleaning & Maintenance Guide for Concrete Floors
CreteClean Plus - Sales Sheet
CreteClean Plus SDS
CreteClean Plus - Single Dose - Sales Sheet

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RetroPel - Concrete Protection

RetroPel is a stain repellant that has been specifically formulated for concrete and terrazzo floors. RetroPel resists oil and waterborne stains, and when used in conjunction with the Ashford Formula or RetroPlate, provides additional protection.

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RetroPel - Sales Sheet
RetroPel - SDS

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RetroGuard - Concrete Protection

RetroGuard is a modified acrylic sealer yielding high reflectivity. The topical coating is suitable for protecting concrete and natural or synthetic stone surfaces against oil and food staining. It is UV-stable, and therefore, applicable on both exterior as well as interior surfaces. RetroGuard is highly effective at preventing acid staining on all stone and concrete surfaces, even keeping acidic fumes from the surface to which it is applied.

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RetroGuard - Sales Sheet
RetroGuard - SDS

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