Flat Roof Insulation

ROCKWOOL flat roof insulation provides excellent thermal, acoustic and fire-resistant solutions for both commercial and domestic projects.  We offer a wide and versatile range of premium-quality stone wool roof products which help to improve comfort and reduce carbon emissions.


ROCKWOOL solutions for flat roofs are durable and proven by more than 40 years of use. ROCKWOOL flat roof insulation is also non-combustible and will protect you, your building and inventory if a fire occurs.




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Pitched Roof Insulation

The pitched roof or attic area of a building can be insulated in many ways. Based on local building traditions, requirements and regulations in combination with the usage of the loft.


Effective pitched roof insulation offers additional thermal comfort, sound protection and exceptional fire resistance, making it ideal for residential and commercial properties.


Our products are made from premium-quality stone wool, with solutions available for pitched roof insulation below, between and over rafters, as well as insulation that is placed in the loft level. We offer high-performance systems and solutions for homes and businesses.





Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews