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Seton Identification Products LEED Credit Data

Product is more water-efficient than similar products
Product is more durable or requires less maintenance than similar products
Product contains post-consumer recycled content
Product has been salvaged and reconditioned from previous use
Product is recyclable or biodegradable after use
Product contributes to LEED 2009 or LEED V4 credits [ ]
Materials and Resources
Resource reuse
Recycled content
Local/regional materials
Rapidly renewable or bio-based materials
Building products - Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Building products - disclosure of sourcing of raw materials
Building products - material ingredient reporting
Innovation and Design Process
Innovative design features
Product has green third-party certification or evaluation
Health Product Declaration (HPD) [ ]
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) [ ]
US Green Building Council (USGBC) [ ]
Living Building Challenge (LBC) [ ]

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For LEED information, please contact the manufacturer.