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TimberHP by GO Lab, Inc. is a privately held, Maine-based building products corporation, founded in 2017, to develop and manufacture wood fiber insulation for the residential and light commercial construction markets. Wood fiber board, batt, blown-in high-performance insulation products are vapor open, renewable, recyclable, nontoxic, carbon sequestering and, when manufactured here in America, cost competitive with other popular insulation products.  In 2023, GO Lab will become one of the first companies to make wood fiber insulation in North America at its manufacturing facility in Madison, Maine.

TimberHP delivers on all fronts. Our TimberBoard, TimberBatt, and TimberFill provide high-performing, vapor open, non-toxic insulation with a stable R-Value that is healthy for people and the planet. 

Free of toxins, resistant to moisture liabilities, mold and fire, and offering superior properties to reduce heating and cooling loads, TimberHP wood fiber insulation is cost-competitive, easy to install (no hazmat suit or face mask required), and has been manufactured and used in Europe for more than twenty years. Tried and true, it's one of the fastest growing insulation materials on the market.

TimberHP products all begin in the same place: the abundant northern forest. We purchase Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified small diameter pulp trees and residual wood chips and process them at our factory in Madison, Maine. Important to our values as a company, TimberHP is supporting the working landscape, encouraging sustainable forestry practices, and providing important jobs in a rural economy.


TimberHP Wood Fiber Insulation Products  

Product Available Fall 2023

TimberBoard™ excels as a vapor open, continuous insulation (CI) with a stable R-value, high heat capacity, and high compressive strength. A combination of density and low conductivity protects against heat loss in the winter and provides exceptional buffering of summertime heat gain. Wood fiber continuous insulation meets all residential fire standards and offers superior fire protection vs foam-based products. Wood fiber CI prevents the trapping of unwanted moisture within assemblies and offers the compressive strength required for efficient cladding installs. 


  • Exterior continuous insulation

  • Interior insulation for walls, floors, and ceilings

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Product Available Spring 2023

TimberFil™l offers exceptional and debris-free installs contractors appreciate, using the same machines and methods familiar to all fiber applications. Attic applications resist wind washing, and full-fill wall applications eliminate convective loops. Closed cavity applications can be installed at lower densities without risk of settling, resulting in cost and time savings, as well as exceptional sound and airflow reductions. 


  • Dense pack cavity insulation in stud walls and between rafters and joists

  • Loose fill blanket insulation for attics

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Product Available Summer 2023

TimberBatt™ is a flexible, press-fit cavity insulation composed of refined wood fiber with added binders and flame retardant. Its dense, high R-value per inch helps achieve Grade I installations. It outperforms other batt products as a safe, convenient, thermal and acoustic solution. TimberBatt can increase room comfort by buffering and managing indoor humidity as well as unwanted moisture accumulation within walls. 


  • Thermal cavity insulation

  • Acoustic insulation for interior spaces and demising walls

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Why TimberHP?  

Wood Fiber Insulation Benefits Go Beyond R-Value

Insulate better, live better. For over 20 years, Europe has perfected the technology behind sustainable, renewable, recyclable wood fiber insulation. TimberHP is proud to bring that technology to North America and build envelope, thermal, acoustical, and continuous insulation solutions that are wind-tight. Vapor-open. Provide stable, long-term R-values and manage temperatures and humidity in tough conditions, and offer superior sound protection—all using byproducts of sustainable forestry.

TimberHP blown-in insulation, insulation batts, and fiber board insulation solutions can stand alone as drop-in replacements for other above-grade products or work together to create powerful and protective wall and floor insulation, ceiling insulation, attic insulation, and exterior continuous insulation with industry-leading sound dampening. Discover the affordability, accessibility, and thermal and acoustic potential within pure wood fiber.


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Sustainability is of the upmost importance to TimberHP. The Company is committed to account­ability, transparency, and continual improvement with a long-term strategy in mind. GO Lab's sustainability objectives include circular economy adapted products and solid waste recycling, sustainable water and wastewater management, environmentally sustainable management of natural resources, renewable energy, climate change mitigation, pollution prevention and control, energy efficiency and green buildings. For more detail on these priorities, we invite you to read our TimberHP sustainable financing framework and a second party analysis of our plan by V.E, an affiliate of Moody's ESG solutions group.

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How Do I Keep Up With News And Events At GO Lab And TimberHP?

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Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews

We're honored and excited to report that Building Green, a Certified B Corp that has supported the sustainable design and building industries since 1985, has named TimberHP one of its top ten new products for 2023. Last fall, the company's editorial team did a thoughtful feature story on our mission to bring wood fiber insulation to the mainstream building materials market.

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The architecture and design team at Maine Homes is out with their list of top design and sustainability trends for the coming year. It's an annual compilation that highlights hot trends in the field and how those themes are being represented in the work of individuals and businesses with ties to Maine's architecture and design communities.

We're thrilled that wood fiber insulation and TimberHP made the list, which you can read in its entirety here.

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Wood fiber insulation boards do many things well. One of them, it turns out, is helping to protect roofs on old, Cape-style homes from ice dams. The often shoddy building envelopes in these charming old houses allow warm air to reach the roof sheathing, where it initiates the winter cycle of thawing and refreezing that causes ice dams. A story in the year-end edition of Fine Homebuilding tells the story of a roof replacement on an old cape in Vermont.

By using a continuous exterior layer of wood fiber boards imported from Europe, along with blown cellulose, a taped air barrier and improved passive ventilation, the construction team ensures that the new roof assembly can meet the harsh demands of a New England winter!

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Events, Trade Shows, and Seminars  

APR 20, 2023

Beyond R-Value Educational Series: What is Wood Fiber with Scott Johnston

Our monthly Beyond R-Value Continuing Education webinars, taking place every third Thursday of the month, are a great opportunity to learn about us, our products or to dive deep into a specific topic with one of our presenters.

This month we will present "Solving Performance Demands Using Wood Fiber Insulation". Through our continuing education partnership with AIA, webinar attendees can earn 1 LU|HSW.

Wood fiber insulation is now being produced in America. Learn how wood fiber insulation can help provide high performance above grade insulation products to create wind-tight, vapor-open assemblies offering stable, long-term R-values, improved temperature stability, and robust sound protection. A review of current insulation available today and an introduction to wood fiber insulation as a readily available alternative solution. A deep dive into current code compliant assemblies with the introduction of wood fiber insulation and how it fits into the wall assembly to provide a vapor open alternative. Finishing the session by discussing the current state of building materials carbon emissions impact and how Life Cycle Analysis help reveal impact areas that need to be addressed. Carbon sequestration can help dramatically reduce carbon emissions and wood fiber insulation offers can help.

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MAY 18, 2023

Beyond R-Value Educational Series: Weatherization is Sexy


TIME: 1pm, EST

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JUNE 7-10, 2023

AIA Conference

LOCATION: San Fransico, CA

TIME: All Day

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SEPT 26-29, 2023

Greenbuild Internation Conference + Expo

LOCATION: San Fransico, CA
TIME: All Day

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SEPT 27-20, 2023

Insulation Contractors Association of America Trade Show

LOCATION: Dallas, Texas

TIME: All Day

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