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Product Available Fall 2023

TimberBoard™ excels as a vapor open, continuous insulation (CI) with a stable R-value, high heat capacity, and high compressive strength. A combination of density and low conductivity protects against heat loss in the winter and provides exceptional buffering of summertime heat gain. Wood fiber continuous insulation meets all residential fire standards and offers superior fire protection vs foam-based products. Wood fiber CI prevents the trapping of unwanted moisture within assemblies and offers the compressive strength required for efficient cladding installs. 


  • Exterior continuous insulation

  • Interior insulation for walls, floors, and ceilings

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Product Available Spring 2023

TimberFil™l offers exceptional and debris-free installs contractors appreciate, using the same machines and methods familiar to all fiber applications. Attic applications resist wind washing, and full-fill wall applications eliminate convective loops. Closed cavity applications can be installed at lower densities without risk of settling, resulting in cost and time savings, as well as exceptional sound and airflow reductions. 


  • Dense pack cavity insulation in stud walls and between rafters and joists

  • Loose fill blanket insulation for attics

Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews

Product Available Summer 2023

TimberBatt™ is a flexible, press-fit cavity insulation composed of refined wood fiber with added binders and flame retardant. Its dense, high R-value per inch helps achieve Grade I installations. It outperforms other batt products as a safe, convenient, thermal and acoustic solution. TimberBatt can increase room comfort by buffering and managing indoor humidity as well as unwanted moisture accumulation within walls. 


  • Thermal cavity insulation

  • Acoustic insulation for interior spaces and demising walls

Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews