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Modular Shower Bases

Tower Solid Surface shower bases and shower wall systems are well suited to a wide array of projects, including college and university residence halls, hospitals, and hotels, due to their durability, renewability, and ease of maintenance. All Tower Solid Surface products are manufactured with pride in Massillon, Ohio, making your Tower Shower an AMERICAN-MADE product. 

TRINCEA SeriesTrench Drain Shower Bases

APTUM SeriesVariable Drain Shower Bases

Center Drain - Solid Surface Shower Bases

Offset Drain - Shower Bases

End-Drain - Shower Bases

Neo-AngleCorner Shower Bases


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Custom Shower Bases

Whether it is a new build, or a retrofit, Tower Industries offers custom shower bases for any project. If you require a custom drain placement, or unusual dimensions, we can accommodate. Thresholds are available in integral raised, integral accessible, independent barrier-free, and independent raised. 

BASIC Series
ELITE Series


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Barrier Free Shower Bases

Our complete selection of custom and modular options for accessible showers.
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Smooth Wall Panels

Tower Solid Surface wall panels are designed last for decades. Since there is no grout, maintenance is simple. As it is non-porous, bacteria doesn't build up, and it is easy to clean. These walls are perfect for dorm and healthcare applications.

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Tile Pattern Wall Panels

People who love the look of tile but the benefits of solid surface can go with the tile pattern wall panels. The "grout lines" are actually patterns engraved directly into solid surface panels.
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Wall Cladding

Tower Solid Surface is ideal for use as a durable wall surface in any healthcare, higher education, or institutional application.

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Tower Solid Surface panels are not just used as shower walls, but also as doors and partitions. The latest fad in multi-unit showers are full size partitions, allowing complete privacy in shower and lavatory stalls.

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Trim Moldings

Tower Solid Surface shower trim moldings provide the finishing touch to your shower wall panel installation. Whether your project requires multiple corner moldings or a single batten strip, we've got you covered.

Tower Solid Surface Shower Batten Strip
Tower Solid Surface Shower Inside Corner Molding - Chamfered
Tower Solid Surface Shower Outside Corner Molding


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Shower Accessories

Whether your project requires a convenient corner soap and shampoo caddy or a functional corner shower seat, our full-line of Tower Solid Surface shower accessories has got you covered. We offer a wide assortment of shower accessories, including soap dishes, soap and shampoo holders to coordinate with our Tower Solid Surface shower bases and shower wall panels. 

Tower Solid Surface Corner Shower Seat
Tower Solid Surface Shower Corner Soap & Shampoo Caddy
Tower Solid Surface Shower Corner Soap Dish
Tower Solid Surface Shower Recessed Soap & Shampoo Holder


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