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TRACTEL®''s TRACMOD® Powered Platforms feature the patented TIRAK® Powered Hoist and is the only traction hoist designed with integral dual reelers mounted to the main drive shaft to collect the tailing wire rope.

This important feature eliminates facade damage caused by dangling wire rope and danger to the public at ground level.

TRACMOD® Powered Platform come in Modular sections to accommodate changing facade and structural steel layouts and come equipped with all code-required safety features.Drawings

Technical Sheets - Powered Platforms
Tracmod® Brochure

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Tractel® BMUs provide a complete automated system to access exterior building facades. Access to the platform is at the roof level and does not require the operator to assemble or dismantle or manually move equipment. Engineered safety devices control and monitor all machine functions to ensure complete operator safety and protection of all building surfaces.

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A wide variety of access solutions incorporate Traveling Ladders and Gantries that are track mounted and can be powered or manually driven.

These ladders are use in exterior and interior applications often providing ease of access to the underside of glass atriums. Telescopic ladders can accommodate changing facades and roof sections.

This type of solution is often used to not only access glazed surfaces but also to provide access to lighting and overhead fire sprinkler systems that require regular maintenance.Drawings

Technical Sheet - Rolling Ladders



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Portable davits and powered platforms are the most economical solution for building access in North America on structures no higher than 490 feet from grade.

TRACTEL®'s two-piece davits are designed to tilt to horizontal by mechanical means before detachment from the davit base. When the arms are lowered, the davit boom can be easily separated from the davit mast for transport to the next work location and for ease of storage when not in use.

The davit mast is equipped with transportation wheels to provide ease of movement from one location to another and to protect roofing surfaces.

Technical Sheet - Davit Systems


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Track mounted Powered Davit Carriage building maintenance units are designed for low, mid and high-rise buildings.

The equipment suits applications where davits cannot be physically moved due to other roof top equipment, parapets greater than 6 feet or less than 42 inches, limited roof access and too narrow an area in which to land a powered platform.

Davit carriages are capable of servicing buildings with heights of up to 650ft. (200 m) with roof mounted hoists and 490 ft.(150 m) with self powered platforms.

Technical Sheets - Powered Davits


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Telescopic Outrigger arms can be used as an alternative to traditional Davit systems. Used primarily with high parapet walls, screen walls, and mansard roofs.

Outriggers provide flexibility with reaches between 1' -6" to 8' - 5" and are used for ground rigging of platforms or bosun chairs.

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For recessed or overhanging facades, sloped roofs, and the inside of glazed atriums. Monorail Systems are frequently the best practical solutions for buildings with cantilevered eyebrows. Monorails closely follow the facade, with Tracmod powered platforms suspended from trolleys to access various points of a structure.

TRACTEL®''s unique RAILSCAF monorail is designed to closely follow the roof line with manual or powered trolleys for access to the facade. RAILSCAF can be installed along an incline, providing access to facades below pitched roofs and areas with ground obstructions.

Technical Sheet - Monorail

Technical Sheet - Railscaf


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National Safety Codes require all suspended building maintenance equipment on structures over 130'' (150'' or 45m in Canada) require intermittent stabilization anchors installed in the fa'§ade to provide for wind sway protection.

Stabilization can be provided by a continuous mullion track or by intermittent stabilization anchors placed every three floors or 50 feet (whichever is less) starting from the top of the building and repeating to grade in line with the support system above.

Intermittent stabilization systems are mandatory and as designed can only be used correctly when the platform comes from the roof down. The intermittent stabilization system will not work or meet code in any ground rigged application.

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Tieback anchors are the most basic engineered means utilized to secure equipment and personal fall arrest systems that are used during work from suspended equipment.

Swingstage Safety tieback Anchors are designed to meet applicable safety codes, including OSHA, CalOSHA, ASME/ANSI, and CAN/CSA-Z91-M90.

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Supported by a TIRAK™ motorised hoist, the SOLSIT work seat has two buckets for cleaning liquid or tools and guiding wheels.

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TRACTEL® provides warranty and factory service support throughout North America for all our products.Our technicians provide code required scheduled service and inspections of building maintenance equipment and load testing of structurally attached items that must be periodically inspected to be fully compliant.

We offer evaluations and budget assistance to retrofit existing aging equipment. All repairs, replacement, upgrades and installations are performed under the direction of a registered professional engineer knowledgeable in the design and manufacture of building maintenance equipment.

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TRAVSAFE® / TRAVFLEX® horizontal lifelines (HLL) are engineered and designed as a complete hands free fall protection system used on buildings where there are no parapets or in industrial environments where a fall hazard exists.

The dual cable system permits the traveler to operate hands free while staying continuously engaged for the entire length of the system. Entry and exit point options are available which permit the operator to easily enter the system anywhere along the line as required.Drawings

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