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Traffic Spikes USA
One Way Traffic Spikes image

One Way Traffic Spikes - TireShark™

Powder Coated, Weld-Free Decking, Zinc-Free, & Nite-Bite™ Exclusive Reflective Tire Spikes. Ultra-low Deck Height one way traffic spikes. At only 1 3/4™ in height, you™ll never have a serious contact issue between your Porsche, Audi, or Corvette. The lowest typical sports car from the factory has a clearance of 4™ from the ground as seen in Audi sports cars. Many sports cars are at least an inch higher than that! This image also shows the overall spike height of 3 3/4™, standard. You can choose an overall spike height of 3 1/2™, free of charge, if you™d like to further minimize the chances of contact with air dams, etc. Included, free of charge, is the super-simple one way traffic spike latch down mechanism. This allows you to effectively lock the spikes in a downward position on days when you need 2 way travel such as move-in/out.
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In Ground, Flush Mount Traffic Spikes image

In Ground, Flush Mount Traffic Spikes - TireShark™

Super E-Z to mount using a minimal cut into the roadway. Quick-cut, adhere into place with construction epoxy, wait 2 hours... DONE! Dramatically reduce labor costs of in ground installations. It is important to install these units with a catalyzed adhesive like 2 part construction grade epoxy. We can supply this material to you. If you simply use construction adhesive, like air-dry adhesive, you risk allowing the units to be stolen or loosen more easily.
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Motorized Traffic Spikes image

Motorized Traffic Spikes - TireShark™

Motorized traffic control spike systems are very affordable and work great at arenas, state parks, schools, and other areas where you need motorized traffic control without the need for a manned area (no need for extra personnel). We offer both in-ground and on-ground systems. Motorized Traffic Spikes by TireShark™ have the lowest deck height in the world, eliminating vehicle strikes and increased maintenance. Your clients will be able to drive across the system without an uncomfortable amount of vehicle lift or bump felt and they enter or exit your facility.
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Reflective Traffic Spikes image

Reflective Traffic Spikes - Nite-Bite™

Nite-Bite™ reflective spikes can be seen from thousands of yards at great intensity. Reflecting over 900 candle watts, the Coast Guard uses the same material to provide safety clothing to its members. Nite-BiteTM is impervious to freezing and harsh chemicals including saltwater. There is no brighter reflective material available! It will give your traffic teeth the kind of visual impact not available anywhere else. Highly visible from almost any extreme angle, drivers will be aware of the presence of your traffic spike security system.
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Perimeter Security Spikes image

Perimeter Security Spikes

Perimeter Security Spikes are 9' 9" long and used for airport and prison security
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