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Weather Shield Mfg., Inc.
Weather Shield Premium SeriesI® image

Weather Shield Premium SeriesI®

This series is designed to meet the needs of the most discriminating architects and homeowners. Innovative designs are matched with old world craftsmanship. The Premium Series is our most comprehensive collection of wood windows and patio doors. With a vast array of options, accessories and upgrades, you can explore the limits of your creativity. Learn More
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Weather Shield Contemporary Collection®

Modern architecture can be a challenge for ordinary windows. Weather Shield's new Contemporary Collection of window and door products can eliminate the compromises and give you so much more: A full line of windows and doors: casements, awnings, pictures, sliding and hinged doors Narrow profile frames and sash designed for a slim-line appearance and more exposed glass to maximize your viewing space Low-maintenance extruded aluminum exteriors with anodized or AAMA 2605 performance finishes Enhanced frame and glazing systems designed for maximum energy savings Learn More
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Weather Shield Signature Series®

Signature Series offers a collection of window and patio doors that include a wide range of design innovations, a variety of styles, and hardware options that will complement your own unique sense of style. Surpassing what you would ever expect possible, this series gives you extreme energy efficiency paired with a vast selection of styles, shapes and sizes that allow you to create almost limitless design solutions with trusted performance. Learn More
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Weather Shield Aspire Series®

Aspire Series vinyl clad wood windows and patio doors provide the benefit of a low maintenance exterior with a rich, warm wood interior. Vinyl extrusions on the exterior sash and frame make these windows and patio doors exceptionally durable, as well as improve resistance to water and air infiltration. Aspire Series products are suitable for residential or light commercial new construction or remodeling projects. Learn More
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Hinged Patio Door image

Hinged Patio Door

Perhaps one word best describes our hinged patio doors: elegant. Traditional in design, their two operating glass panels are hinged on the sides and swing inward or outward from the center. Patio doors hinged between the glass panels, also known as French doors, feature one stationary panel and one operating panel that swings open from hinges along the center stile. Learn More
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Bi-Fold Door image

Bi-Fold Door

Prefer not to have anything between yourself and the great outdoors? Our bi-fold patio door panels slide completely out of the way to maximize your view. Connected with center hinges, the panels open accordion-style using a track-and-glide system and a guide that enables each panel to pivot. Learn More
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Insulating Glass Weather Shield® Insulating Glass image

Insulating Glass Weather Shield® Insulating Glass

For those who simply will not compromise the safety and comfort of their family, or beauty of their home, we proudly offer Premium Coastal™ Windows and Doors from Weather Shield®. Whether choosing the energy-efficiency of our high-perfomance glass options or the strength and durability of our aluminum clad products, each Premium Coastal™ window and door is made to stand strong with a unique blend of beauty, brawn and design flexibility.
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Case Studies

Our case studies expand upon some of our most exceptional projects, which utilize a variety of product lines that are meticulously engineered through a combination of old-world craftsmenship - that embodies our founder's vision - and innovative design.
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