Honeywell Building Solutions BIM

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Tema Digital I/O module: TK-C21P

Tema Wiegand Interface: TK-S014M

IQ8: Manual Call Points: Large

IQ8: Manual Call Points: Small

Excel Web II Control System - XL2000B3A


Ball Camera: HD-Surface

Bullet Camera: Honeywell HB273

Bullet Camera: Honeywell HB74

Bullet Camera: Honeywell HB75

Bullet Camera: Honeywell HBD9

IP Camera: Bullet: Honeywell HBD2FR

IP Camera: Fixed-Mini-Dome: Honeywell Indoor-Flush

IP Camera: Fixed-Mini-Dome: Honeywell Indoor-Surface

IP Camera: Fixed-Mini-Dome: Honeywell Indoor-Wall

IP Camera: Fixed-Mini-Dome: Honeywell Outdoor-Pendant

IP Camera: Fixed-Mini-Dome: Honeywell Outdoor-Surface

IP Camera: Fixed-Mini-Dome: Honeywell Outdoor-Wall

IP Camera: Fixed-Mini-Dome: Honeywell: Indoor-Pendant

IP Camera: Fixed-Mini-Dome: ONVIF-PTZ-Flush

IP Camera: Fixed-Mini-Dome: ONVIF-PTZ-Pendant

Mini Dome-Camera: Indoor: Honeywell HD5-Flush

Mini Dome-Camera: Indoor: Honeywell Mini-Dome-Flush

Mini Dome-Camera: Indoor: Honeywell Mini-Dome-HD3-MK1-Wall

Mini Dome-Camera: Indoor: Honeywell Mini-Dome-HDPR-WK2-Wall

Mini Dome-Camera: Indoor: Honeywell Mini-Dome-Surface

Mini Dome-Camera: Outdoor: Honeywell Mini-Dome-Surface


Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3214-V-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3214-VE-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3215-V-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3215-VE-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3224-LV-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3224-LV: MK: II-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3224-LVE-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3224-LVE: MK: II-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3224-V: MK: II-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3224-VE: MK: II-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3225-LV-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3225-LV: MK: II-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3225-LVE-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3225-LVE: MK: II-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3225-V: MK: II-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3225-VE: MK: II-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3227-LV-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3227-LVE-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3228-LV-M

Surveillance Camera-AXIS-P3228-LVE-M

Electronics: Loudspeaker: Bose Professional: Freespace: FS4SE