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Acme Brick Company LEED Credit Data

Acme Brick Company Clay Paving Brick Green / LEED credit data that can contribute LEED credits to a building project's LEED certification.
* Manufacturer provided this information
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    Product is more durable or requires less maintenance than similar products

    Product contains post-consumer recycled content

    Product is recyclable or biodegradable after use

    Product contributes to LEED 2009 or LEED V4 credits, []
    Sustainable Sites
    Reduce heat islands, non-roof
    Reduce heat islands, roof
    Materials and Resources
    Construction waste management
    Recycled content
    Local/regional materials
    Indoor Environmental Quality
    Low-emitting materials - ceiling and wall systems
    Controllability of systems - thermal comfort
    Thermal comfort - design
    Enhanced acoustical performance
    Mold prevention
    Innovation and Design Process
    Innovative design features

    Products which can be evaluated in life-cycle assessment tools (LCA)
    Athena Institute,]
    BEES, []
    eLCie, IDCE, []
    NRMRL LCA, []
    Pharos, []

    Manufacturer can provide sustainability data in ASTM E2129 format.