Bidet Manufacturers

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Why Choose a Bidet?

Already common in European countries, bidets are now becoming increasingly popular in North America. The bidet has been around since the late 17th century. Due to innovations in plumbing and technology, the bidet has gone through many changes since its invention by the French in the 17th century. Investing in a bidet can lead to many benefits for your health, the environment, sanitation, and money.

The Benefits of the Modern Bidet

Using a bidet results in a significant decrease in a household's use of toilet paper. The benefit of this is twofold: a reduced need for toilet paper means you buy less, saving you money. When you buy and use less toilet paper, your carbon footprint is reduced over time by producing less paper waste. For the elderly with limited mobility, a bidet toilet combination can be extremely helpful. Instead of being two separate pieces, the bidet can be a nozzle attached to an existing toilet or it can be built into the toilet.

Today, when toilets and bidets are combined they can be controlled electronically with a control pad instead of through a traditional tap and nozzle. These electronic bidets have many more features than conventional bidets, including the opportunity to include a heated seat, illumination through a built in light (for night time use), and built in deodorizers. When remodeling a bathroom to include a bidet, installing a toilet with bidet combination will cost less than going the traditional route.

ARCAT and Your New Bidet

ARCAT offers services to help you complete your projects with ease. Whether installing a bidet/toilet combination or doing a complete remodel of all the bathrooms in a hotel, our BIM Objects and CAD Drawings offer the support of visualizing the products you need. Our SpecWizard helps you develop your 3-Part CSI Specification easier than ever before. Let ARCAT help you all the way from concept to completion.