Bollard Manufacturers

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Bollards and Protecting Your Property

There is only so much that can be done to protect a property against the unpredictable nature of traffic. Safety bollards are one of often overlooked pieces of safety equipment, but they are an important precaution. Besides creating a barrier between buildings and any potential traffic accidents, security bollards can be used as protection for signs, function as bicycle racks, and even serve as decorative pieces.

An Old Fashion Solution to a Modern Day Problem

Bollards date back to the 17th and 18th centuries where they were primarily used to fasten boats and ships alongside docks. To create certain bollards, old cannons would be buried rear-side up - this distinctive shape would lend itself to some of the more decorative bollards in the future. For simple traffic management in the early 18th century wooden posts were used, but these would be no match to the strength of the concrete bollards or steel bollards used today. The change in material became necessary with the invention of the automobile, and improvements in design continued as faster and stronger vehicles populated the roads.

The Many Uses of the Modern Bollard

Bollard manufacturers offer bollards not only to protect buildings, but to protect pedestrian walkways, gas pumps, and street signs. Parking bollards can offer pedestrians a feeling of safety when in close proximity to a busy parking lot or high traffic area. Today, technology has advanced the simple bollard. The use of hydraulics gives us retractable bollards, offering the ability to block or open up a driving area as needs see fit. Bollard lights can be used to light a pathway or alert a nighttime driver to a restricted area. Customizable bollards offer curb appeal and branding to a building.

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