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Choosing a Stove Top and Where to Start

The functionality of a kitchen has to keep balance with your lifestyle. With the right knowledge, you can find appliances that reflect your budget and your needs. The type of stove top you invest in should reflect how it will be used. For people who are just beginning to learn how to cook, four burner electric stove tops are often preferred. For experienced cooks or professionals, gas or induction cooktops may serve better function. Consider the space that is available, as different cooktop manufacturers provide different products of different sizes for different uses. Knowing as much about what you would like out of a product helps you choose the best fit.

The Ease of Electric Cooktops

For less experienced cooks, a smooth, electric cook top is a great starting point. Electric cooktops have a sleek look that fits right into any modern-styled kitchen. Ceramic cooktops are becoming more popular than their electric, coiled burner counterparts. The smooth and polished look of these stove tops lends itself easily towards many design schemes, becoming an easy fit in many types of kitchens. Most of these stove tops have a built-in sensor, giving indication in the burner is still hot after you've turned it off, which is an appreciated safety feature.

An Introduction to Induction Stove Tops

For intermediate to more experienced cooks, the new technology of induction stove tops is very appealing. With induction stove tops the cookware is the source of heat, instead of a burner. Below the surface, an element creates a magnetic field. When special cookware (containing iron) is placed on the element, vibrations are caused and through magnetic interaction that creates heat. Because of these interactions, the only area heated is what comes into contact with the cookware and leaves the surrounding area perfectly cool. This reaction allows very quick heat-up times while being able to keep decisive control over the temperature. Electric induction cooktops are highly energy efficient, due to the way heat is delivered.

The Classic Gas Stove Top

Gas stove tops are the go to cooktops for most professionals. Uniform heat output offers precise cooking conditions and quick heating time. For typical home use, four burner cooktops are the standard. For people more seasoned with cooking, professional/commercial settings, or even homes that do more cooking, it is not uncommon to purchase stove tops with more burners.

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