Dishwasher Manufacturers

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The Best Dishwasher for You

For any kitchen, whether it be residential or commercial, one of the most important appliances for efficiency is the dishwasher. A dishwasher is like a having helping hand: it takes care of one job while you move onto the next. Like most other appliances, the type of dishwasher purchased should reflect how often you use it and what it is used for. No matter its use, the materials utilized to build dishwashers have evolved drastically over the years making for more economical, powerful, and capable products than ever before.

The Dishwasher in Your Kitchen

Older model dishwashers had metal tubs that were coated in a hard enamel. The downfall of this design is the enamel would chip or crack, causing the metal inside to rust. To rectify this problem, plastic tubs were put into use. These plastic tubs were extremely strong and durable, often out lasting the dishwasher itself. Eventually, stainless steel models were put on the market. A stainless steel dishwasher tub is heavier and more durable than the plastic tubs. Because of this, these stainless steel dishwashers can run quieter than their predecessors. Additionally, metal can withstand higher temperatures than plastic. When a dishwasher runs at a higher temperature, its cleaning power is increased, making it more efficient and producing cleaner dishes. The popularity of these models is also due to the polished and sleek look of the machines, making it easy for them to fit into almost any design scheme.

The Dishwasher in Your Restaurant

For commercial use, an industrial dishwasher is more appropriate. These machines are built to run more often than their residential counterparts and commercial dishwasher manufacturers do not factor attractiveness into the equation. Because of health hazards that can come along with improperly washed dishware and utensils, these heavy duty dishwashers must pass certain codes and criteria. Establishments using improper machines may be in violation in some areas. It is best to be well versed in local food management laws when looking into commercial appliances.

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