Faucet Manufacturers

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Finding The Right Faucet

Choosing the right faucet is important, as it has to both function congruently with a sink and a be piece you enjoy looking at daily. A faucet can reflect the classic feel of your bathroom or convey the modern look of your kitchen. A waterfall faucet is one of the most popular modern bathroom faucets. Waterfall faucets come in a handful of different styles and can be applied to different types of sinks (such as a vessel sink), and even work very well as bathtub faucets. Vessel sink faucets typically need to be mounted to the wall behind the sink, or need to be tall enough to rise over the edge.

Oil rubbed bronze faucets are great for a classic look in contrast to brushed nickel bathroom faucets, which offer a more contemporary bathroom appearance. Matching or similar bathroom fixtures and shower fixtures strengthen a bathroom's atmosphere. Bathroom faucet manufacturers often make it easy to match their products with fixtures, finding the one that suits your taste best may be the hardest part.

Faucets are an Important Part of Your Kitchen

When selecting a kitchen sink faucet, it's important to consider how it will be handled and how often. For faucets and sinks used daily, and not quite so delicately, stainless steel faucets and sinks are a great options. As opposed to enamel coated sinks, stainless steel sinks are less fragile and can take rougher use (are you prone to tossing dishes into the sink?). Stainless steel is very easy to match, making it a great choice as a kitchen faucet on that front as well.

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