Fountain Manufacturers

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Decorative Fountains: Make this Water Feature a Part of your Next Project

The elegance and sophistication a fountain exudes can enhance the look of any structure. Whether your fountain project is indoors or outdoors, this water feature will set the ambiance of serenity like no other. Marble, granite and metal are just a few kinds of materials used to create these unique pieces of architecture. Choosing a free-standing, tiered, sculptural or hand-carved type of fountain is just the first step. You can let your creativity run free with the right water fountain manufacturer's touch. Currently, fountain manufacturers have expanded their resources and are producing green/LEED fountains. A prime example of this unique technology is made out of bamboo and powered by a solar panel; perfect for a patio setting.

The Return of Drinking Fountains

Since water has regained its title of being America's favorite drink, drinking fountain manufacturers have invented new ways of addressing consumers' water consumption needs. Aside from typical drinking fountains found in high traffic sites, manufacturers have taken it a step further with the construction of water bottle filling stations. Not only do they dispense drinking water, they are excellent for the environment (less plastic bottle waste). Due to the increase in water consumption, the use of water bottle refilling stations is a great way to partake in the go green initiative, making it cost-effective for consumers and energy-efficient for manufacturers. Browse through ARCAT's e-Catalogs for fountains for your next revamp project.