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Grab Bars & Safety Rails: Support Where You Need It

We see safety grab bars almost daily, but for those who don't need them can't truly appreciate how useful they are. Bathroom safety bars help a person maintain balance and stability, offer support to lessen fatigue while standing, and act as something to hold onto in case of a fall. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) appropriates guidelines to regulate construction of handicapped accessible bathrooms and facilities.

The Important Rules & Regulations of the ADA

According to the ADA, grab bars for bathrooms must be placed between 33" – 36" above the floor for adults, and between 18" – 27" if the bar is intended for use by children. For toilet safety rails installed along a side wall, they must be at least 42" long while being no more than 12" from the rear wall. More regulations apply and it is important to make sure your construction plans comply. For private restrooms, residences, and commercial shower stalls, installing handicap grab bars are necessary as well.

For bathtubs and showers in commercial settings, different styles and models have different regulations. For bathtub grab bars, one of the factors that changes the dimensions of where they are installed is whether or not there is a permanent seat. As for commercial showers, there are differences between installations of shower grab bars in transfer type shower compartment and roll-in type shower compartments (including alternative roll-in types). Becoming familiar with these guidelines will save you from problems down the line.

Count On ARCAT for Stability

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