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Microwaves of Today

Since the 1950s when it was first introduced, the microwave has become a fixture in the majority of American kitchens today. Microwaves have come a long way from performing its original functions of heating and defrosting. Microwaves are now equipped with a selection of modes, which include grilling, convection, or a combination of the two methods. Cooking hamburgers and pizza is simple using a grilling microwave, which uses both microwave (electromagnetic radiation) and grilling (heating coils) methods for browning meat and cooking or toasting. Similar to the grilling microwave, convection microwaves perform the same browning and crisping functions, but use a fan that circulates hot air evenly around the food as its cooking method. With the wide range of microwaves being offered today, you can find a microwave that will meet all of your cooking needs.

Choosing the Right Microwave for your Kitchen Space

As microwave functions evolved, so did their place in the kitchen. Aside from their once common location (the countertop), microwaves are installed over oven ranges, as microwave/wall oven combinations and more recently as microwave drawers located in any base cabinet below the countertop. To accommodate consumers' cooking needs and kitchen size, microwave oven manufacturers have also produced microwaves in different sizes (compact, mid-size and full-size). Compact microwaves are great for smaller spaces like dorm rooms where it is mostly used for heating, while full-size microwaves can aid in prepping a meal for the entire family. Microwave wattage is a key component to consider in your next microwave purchase; a 1000-watt microwave will cook your food quick and efficiently at a cost-effective price, whereas higher wattages increase the price but deliver faster performance and more evenly-cooked foods.

Using ARCAT to find your next Microwave

ARCAT can help find microwaves that are perfect for any space. Whether your microwave needs are domestic or commercial, ARCAT can help with your vision or installation by offering access to their array of BIM objects and e-Catalogs here.