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Improve Your Range in the Kitchen

There's a pleasant feeling one gets when the aroma of a delicious home cooked meal fills your kitchen. However, cooking also produces byproducts that we may not necessarily want in the kitchen; moisture, grease, heat, steam, and smoke can all be the result of using your stove. Kitchen range hoods not only solve this issue, but have also become a desired design element.

To Duct or Not to Duct?

When it comes to exhaust, there are three types to choose from: ventless, vented or ducted, and convertible. Ventless range hoods (also known as non-vented, recirculated, or ductless) pull air through charcoal filters, trapping the unwanted byproducts created by using your stove. After traveling though the filter, this same air then flows back into your kitchen. To keep this kind of hood in top condition, it is important to change the filter every few months. Less work is needed to install ductless range hoods, which is why they tend to be less expensive than their ducted counterparts. If ducting is possible, many recommend spending the extra money to do so. Since the air is filtered outside of the house, ducted range hood vents clear out moisture and smoke much better than their ventless contemporaries. Wall mounted range hoods (when mounted to exterior walls) tend to be more efficient due to the shorter length of their exhaust ducts. Chimney range hoods are great options if there are no cabinets above the stovetop on which to mount, or if the range is on an island or an interior facing wall. A convertible range hood offers the opportunity for both filtering options, depending on the needs or limitations of the kitchen in which it will be installed.

Functionality, Design, and Breathing Easy in the Kitchen

Range hoods are the best type of design element: they serve a very important function, while enhancing the look of your kitchen. The presence of a range hood creates an air of professionalism in a kitchen, offering even amateur chefs the confidence to create wonderful dishes. With stainless steel being a very popular design scheme, stainless range hoods fit in seamlessly. Beyond ducting and design, there are more elements that need to be considered when choosing the best range hood for your kitchen. The speed and noise will differ depending how powerful your hood is. Your hood's speed is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) while the volume is measured in sones. The quicker your hood replaces air, the higher CFM's needed which accounts for a louder range hood. These are all components that need to be considered before choosing a range hood.

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