Range Manufacturers

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Choosing the Best Range for your Kitchen

Buying a kitchen range for your next renovation or installation requires detailed planning with the following factors in mind: color, needs, type, and price. Choosing a color should be fairly simple if you want your future range to be uniform to an existing appliance color. However, if you are building a kitchen from scratch you have more freedom with different colors. That said, white, black, and stainless steel are the standard color options available. Next you will have to take your needs into consideration, which can be tricky with the number of oven range features and types being offered nowadays. A freestanding, slide-in or drop-in oven range might be viewed as basically the same, when in fact they differ in price, features, and availability.

Freestanding ranges are the most popular among consumers and economical in price. Drop-in ranges are considered most expensive for their heavy planning, cabinet purchasing, and special installation requirements. A slide-in range is a solution for those who prefer a more customized look. If you are looking for a wider selection of oven range brands, there are more electric ranges available versus gas ranges. Bring your kitchen renovation project closer to fruition with these steps and ARCAT's list of oven range manufacturers here.

The Types of Kitchen Ranges Available Today

Range manufacturers continue to produce state-of-the-art oven ranges that are meeting consumers' needs year after year. Gas, electric and dual fuel (gas cooktop with electric oven) are just the standard types of ranges that are out there. Consumers like gas ranges for their ease of flame control and evenly cooked/heated food. Electric ranges with a smooth top are today's best sellers for those looking for cleaner lines, while experienced chefs prefer induction cook top ranges that use electromagnetic fields to directly heat pans and offer precise cooking and control. Other features electric oven ranges offer include expandable smooth top elements that let consumers match their size to their pans and double ovens for baking a pie in one oven while roasting a turkey in the other. The standard size of a range is 30 inches wide and an oven size of 5 cubic feet. Based on all of the kitchen range types that are on the market, prices vary considerably. For the price conscientious consumers, electric oven ranges are more cost-effective than gas ranges and are easier to install.