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Choosing Your New Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a long-term investment: on average, a refrigerator can last anywhere between 13 to 19 years. Because of this lengthy lifespan, there's a strong chance a lot has changed in the world of refrigerators since the last time you purchased one. Becoming familiar with your new options is the first step towards getting the best refrigerator for your needs.

Giving Your Kitchen a Great Support System

Your kitchen can only function as well as the appliances you support it with. A chef is only as good as the food he has to prepare, so protecting it until it is cooked is critical to a meal. Deciding the amount of space you can allot to install your refrigerator is also paramount, and measuring the area your refrigerator will fill (the height, width, and depth) is where you should start. Leaving space for airflow around your refrigerator after installation is also important to keep in consideration.

For homes with less space to work with, side by side refrigerators work very well. Slimmer compartments (both refrigerator and freezer) run vertically side by side, with smaller doors opening outward taking up less space. However, these models should not be confused with double door refrigerators (also known as French door refrigerators). These models tend to run larger. Instead of the two doors opening to both a freezer and refrigerator, the doors open to reveal a larger refrigeration compartment, with a smaller freezer drawer underneath. Because of their universal and sleek look, stainless steel fridges, no matter what the model, fit nicely into any kitchen. The current popularity of stainless steel makes it easy to match all of your appliances for a cohesive look.

Refrigeration for Your Business and Beyond

For a business setting, commercial refrigeration manufacturers focus less on the look and style of a refrigerator, and more on its capacity, strength, and reliability. Typically, these appliances have separate units for refrigeration and freezing, as opposed to domestic models which usually combine the two. Maintenance of these machines needs to be constant and up to date; there are laws and codes in place to make sure that in a commercial setting food is stored and held at the right temperature. In addition, refrigeration manufacturers offer products that aren't just for a kitchen. If you are an avid camper, a portable refrigerator is a great addition to your supplies. Most models have an adapter that you can either plug into a car or other power source. For those looking for something smaller, whether you have very little room available or you need something to act as a secondary refrigerator, compact refrigerators come in a range of smaller sizes.

Cool Down with ARCAT

At ARCAT, we know that finding the right refrigerator can be intimidating. That is why we offer supportive services to help your projects run smoothly. Our BIM Objects and CAD Drawings give you the chance to picture how your kitchen will come together, giving you confidence in your choice. Our SpecWizard lets you create your own customized 3-Part CSI Specification quickly and easily. ARCAT's services are here for you, helping cool down even your most heated decisions.