Sauna Manufacturers

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Experience Relaxation with Saunas

From detoxifying the body of chemicals to providing an escape from the busyness of everyday life, saunas offer a number of benefits. These personal oases offer the best in relaxation benefits that money can buy. Crafted from the finest wood fit for high temperatures and moisture, Cedar is a popular choice for the pleasant aroma it emits. Non-allergenic choices such as White Aspen, Hemlock or Poplar wood will also meet your needs. Although saunas are often found in commercial (gyms and hotels) settings, people nowadays are enjoying them in the comfort of their own homes (bathrooms, basements or pool areas); both indoors and outdoors. Adding a sound system to play soothing music is a type of customization sauna manufacturers may offer to make your tranquil haven complete.

The Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

The popularity of infrared saunas has grown over the last decade due to the numerous health benefits they provide. While a conventional sauna heats the air which subsequently heats the skin, an infrared sauna has an infrared heater that emits far infrared radiant heat (similar to heat from the Sun) that directly heats the body. The natural warmth it produces is equivalent to sunbathing, but without the harmful ultraviolet rays. This new technology is capable of reaching body tissue two to three inches deep below the skin. Far Infrared Ray (FIR) treatment offers many ways to improve your health such as relieving chronic muscle pain (like fibromyalgia) and lowering blood pressure. Other health benefits that infrared sauna manufacturers claim their saunas provide include: weight loss, improved blood circulation, arthritis relief and even anti-aging. If you are looking for a DIY project, ARCAT offers information on sauna kits and sauna equipment here.

The Difference between Saunas and Steam Rooms

While saunas and steam rooms both promote health and relaxation, the main difference between them is the type of heat: dry versus wet. Saunas use a dry heat produced by heat rocks or stoves where temperatures range between 160 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Their walls are made of wood and are good for reducing stress, and lowering blood pressure. Steam rooms, on the other hand, have temperatures set at a lower setting of around 110 degrees Fahrenheit, where the humidity remains constant at 100% in order to maintain moist heat. Their walls are usually made of glass and are good for chronic congestion or sinus infections. One system is not better than the other; the decision should be based on your or your client's personal preference and overall health. To aid in your decision, consider browsing through ARCAT's CAD files and e-Catalogs for saunas for your next gym, home, hotel or spa project.