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Toilet Roll Dispensers: Figuring Out How to Issue a Tissue

Tissue and toilet roll dispensers are important and necessary pieces of equipment for public rest rooms. Tissue dispenser manufacturers design their products to hold large quantities of tissues and rolls of toilet paper, or can include toilet roll storage for multiple rolls, in addition to models which hold standard sizes. Both larger rolls and storage have the advantage of not requiring the staff to require the dispensers as often, which is key for a facility that is used often. Determining the frequency and general daily usage of a public restroom can help you choose the type which will best support your needs. For instance, a bathroom which houses many stalls will probably have higher traffic than a single person restroom.

Paper dispenser manufacturers offer many different styles of bathroom tissue dispensers. Metal models (which are usually rectangular but may also be circular) can either be mounted to the side of a bathroom stall, or if location permits, can be installed into a custom sized recess in a bathroom wall to save space. Plastic models are typically mounted to the wall and have more color options, which can add an extra element of character to a bathroom's design.

ARCAT Helps You Roll With It

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