Towel Bar Manufacturers

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Choosing a Towel Bar

Deciding on accessories to use in your new or remodeled bathroom can be a difficult decision. Finding the perfect balance between design and function is important - but with the amount of sizes and styles available, selecting a bathroom towel bar without putting thought and research into your decision can prove to be a misstep. While aesthetic value is important when you choose towel bars, the location, function, materials, and installation all need to factor into your choice as well.

Location, Location, Location

Location is the most important variable influencing the type of towel bar you should select for your project. If you decide to install your towel bar onto a hollow wall, it is necessary that you locate and secure directly into the studs. This factor can determine the length of your towel bar as well as put limitations on where you can place it. The height at which you install your bath towel bar must also be considered. Vanities are typically 30 inches tall. As a rule of thumb, when its primary function will be use with the vanity, installing your towel bar at 30 inches (or however tall your vanity may be) from the floor is optimal. When installing for use with a shower or bath, a height of 48 inches from the floor is most common. Other than location, the material you choose is also something to consider, as it will determine performance and price. A decorative towel bar may look great, but if it is made with sub-par materials it will not last as long or perform as it should.

Which Towel Bar is Best for You?

Brass towel bars offer a traditional, classic look. If you are looking for a solid brass towel bar, make sure you are not purchasing a plated brass product. Over time, plated brass models will exhibit noticeable wear, as opposed to more durable solid brass. For a sleek look with more storage, a double towel bar with brushed nickel coating is practical and visually pleasing. Due to improvements in coatings and finishes, brushed nickel towel bars have made a popular resurgence. Other than metal, wooden towel bars are another option. Oftentimes, people tend to shy away from wood because of constant exposure to a moist environment. However, a well-made wooden towel bar will use sealants to preserve the wood and protect it against being destroyed by water and moisture. Plastic or ceramic towel bars are great choices for outdoor showers, since their materials give them the ability to survive through different types of weather elements.

Modern towel bars are no longer only defined by their materials, but what their designs may offer. Double towel bars or a towel bar with a shelf are great solutions for a bathroom that caters to a larger family. More storage is available without having to sacrifice design and valuable space. For colder climates a heated towel rail is a welcomed addition to the bathroom. A warm towel after a shower will be a welcome addition to your bathroom.

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