Paper Towel Dispenser

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Choosing a Paper Towel Dispenser

Everyone knows the importance of washing your hands after leaving a restroom, especially in public. Having a paper towel to dry your hands after you've done so is equally as important. More goes into choosing a commercial paper towel dispenser that one may initially think: how much room is available? Is waste reduction a priority? Should you choose electronic or manual? Does the space call for a recessed dispenser or a wall mount holder? Are you in the market for a plastic or metal paper towel dispenser?

The Choice Between Manual and Automatic Dispensers

The typical model we see most in commercial bathrooms is the stainless steel towel dispenser. The sleek look of these models makes any restroom look welcoming and clean. Usually recessed with a garbage receptacle below, these dispensers add class to a restroom without becoming a distraction. These models typically dispense multi-fold or C-fold paper towels.

To decrease the spread of germs, many opt for touchless paper towel dispensers. The main purpose of these models is to decrease the amount of surfaces someone has to touch, especially immediately after washing one's hands. Electric paper towel dispensers also have the ability to restrict the amount of towels dispensed to each person. By restricting the amount of paper towels being dispensed per person, waste and cost can be kept to a minimum. Automatic paper towel dispensers come in both plastic and metal models.

ARCAT and Your Project

ARCAT can help you decide what type of commercial bathroom paper towel dispenser is right for your project. We provide BIM Objects and CAD Drawings so you can better picture the product you need for your best outcome. Our SpecWizard helps creating a personalized 3-Part CSI Specification simple and free of charge. ARCAT has the services to ease your project towards completion, helping you clean your hands of unnecessary bumps in the road.