Urinal Manufacturers

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The Urinal

Although patented in 1866, the history of the urinal can be traced all the way back to the Roman Empire. Fortunately for us, urinals have improved in the years since. Despite being more common in public restrooms than residential bathrooms, the installation of men's urinals in a residence is becoming more popular.

Which Urinal is Best for You?

Depending on the intended use of the urinal, there are a few designs or models to choose from. A budget friendly option is the trough urinal. Named because of its resemblance to a feeding trough, this economical option can cater to eight users at a time. Although more practical in regards to plumbing and budget, the trough model does not provide the privacy many men desire. Stainless steel urinals are more practical for applications in which weight needs to be considered. Additionally, stainless steel urinal manufacturers offer a product equally as hygienic as ceramic models, but are able to withstand a sudden impact in a more durable fashion.

The most common type of urinal is the bucket urinal bowl. The versatility of these urinals is what makes them so popular; the range of shapes and designs make it applicable in many different settings. These urinals can be found in several materials: porcelain, metal, or plastic. Against-the-wall urinals have drains on the floor by your feet. This type usually has one drain for several stations. These models have been known to occupy high end bathrooms, as they have a more elegant look and are very customizable.

The Rise of Waterless Urinals

Recently, efforts are being made to make commercial urinals more environmentally friendly. Waterless urinals are an excellent solution. When less water is constantly flushed, business and property owners save money on water and sewer charges. Some large arenas and tourist attractions have instituted these fixtures in their restrooms, saving countless gallons of water from being used every day. Arizona, a state prone to droughts, has made installing waterless urinals in its state buildings mandatory. A residence with a lot of male occupants would benefit from a waterless urinal, as it would lower water bills and make the building more environmentally friendly.

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