64: Insulated Glass Unit | New American House

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In this episode, Cherise is joined by Scott Specht, Founding Partner of Specht Architects. They discuss the New American House in Austin, Texas.

This house began as a personal conceptual project - something that wasn’t really intended to be built, but a “paper project” that was a comment on the dysfunctional nature of suburban and low-scale urban housing that is currently built in the US, as well as a comment on the changing social qualities of neighborhoods and increased desire for security and privacy.

The New American House is windowless (to the exterior), with rooms that face a series of interior private courtyards. It’s based on ancient / Roman house models but incorporates provisions for the increased personal privacy and comfort that we expect in a house today.
Photo Credit: Specht Architects

Topics Discussed:
Insulated Glass Units
Self-adjusting Environment Lighting