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Skyco Shading Systems, Inc. > PRODUCT > Electronics for Motorized Window Treatments
  • Switches - Three position - Paddle, rocker, and toggle - white standard (ivory optional). One or two motors can be controlled off a single DPDT switch. Key switches and key pads are also available.
  • Group Control by GCS II - A low voltage control system controlling 4 motors. Multiple groups can be controlled by a master switch. Sun sensor, timers, and remote controls interface to GCS II''s.
  • Individual and Group Control by IGC & IGC3N1 - Operates 1-3 motors and groupings of motors individually and in sub groups with master control. Dry contact interface is available for connection to automation and audiovisual control systems. Sun sensor, timers, and remote controls interface to IGC systems.
  • Sun Sensors, Timers and Wind (exterior applications) operate individual and group control systems as noted.
  • Radio and Infrared Remote Controls - Radio and IR controls are available in several configurations and integrators to fulfill any complexity of control options.

Animeo IB+ Building Automation - enables the automatic control of all interior and exterior window treatments.

  • Automatic control system - The system controls 8 zones determined by the level of light level and room temperature. The shade management software can be linked to the HVAC systems by a personal computer.
  • Sensors - The sensors transmit information concerning light level and temperature via sensor boxes.
  • Decentralized Zone Control - The motor controllers manage the priorities from information delivered from local wired and wireless control points.
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Revit BIM Files for Electronics for Motorized Window Treatments

Window Shades: Bottom Up Motorized

Window Shades: Motorized Roman Shade

Window Shades: Motorized Shades

Window Shades: Motorized Twin Roller Shades

Window Shades: Exterior Motorized Shades

CAD Drawings for Electronics for Motorized Window Treatments
Ceiling Mount, Regular Roll, with Fascia, 2.5in. Tube, Motor
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Motorized Shades
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