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The Series TX9400 automatic Sliding Door System is a telescopic slide door system, available in either the fixed sidelight (TX9420) or full breakout configuration (TX9430). The all aluminum door package provides maximum opening width and is available as a single slide or bipart package with and without a transom. The door system utilizes the Tormax iMotion® 2401 heavy duty direct drive system and components. Optional accessories include panic exit hardware, battery backup as well as the iMotion® 2301 direct drive system and components. The TX9400 is smooth, quiet, and ideal for those spaces that require optimum opening width in all applications.


CLEAN ROOM access is assured with the TORMAX TX9000 automatic sliding door system. Measured and tested under the cleanroom standards laid down by the current global International Standards Organization (ISO), it has been identified as one of the cleanest systems available on the market today achieving an ISO 14644-1 Class 2 standard.

This standard is considerably more rigorous than the old GSA Federal Standard 209E Class 1 that many automatic door operating systems are still classified under. Architects and specifiers should be aware that ISO Class 3 standard is in fact equal to the old FS209E Class 1 standard. The Class 2 standard which the TX9000 sliding door system has achieved doesn't even have an equivalent in the old classification.

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