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Continuing its tradition of innovation, Modernfold has engineered and developed the Modernfold Truss System™ - A floor-supported truss system designed and engineered specifically for the proper support of Modernfold Operable Partitions where overhead support is unavailable. The Modernfold Truss System™ allows you to design operable partitions and sound separation for places where they were once thought to be impossible.

Ideal for both new and existing structures, the Modernfold Truss System® eliminates the need for overhead support, allowing each space to be customizable for the efficient use of each space. This engineered truss system is assembled onsite in easily manageable pieces to allow for easy access into tenant improvement locations.

Don't let the lack of overhead support stop you from managing your space the way you want. The Modernfold Truss System allows you to dictate the way your space can work for you.

Compatible With These Modernfold Products

Acousti-Seal® products utilizing #17 track system. Accordion utilizing #6 or #7 track system direct mounted to #17 removable bracket. GWS products utilizing #17G or G-330 track systems. The G-330 is direct mounted to a #17 removable bracket.


  • Easily assembled on site
  • Adjustable height and width
  • Supports up to 500 lb panels
  • No component weighing over 300 lbs
  • Fits within 24" plenum space
  • Ideal for new and existing structures
  • Unlimited design opportunities
  • Enables in line and side stacking
  • Meets ASCE 7-05 Seismic criteria
  • Maximum floor load of 575 psi
  • Optional floor load of 350 psi
  • Engineered specifically for Modernfold Operable Walls
  • Truss system may be ordered in advance
  • Truss and panel installation may occur simultaneously with one vendor
  • Entire truss and panel system may be moved to similar space to accommodate changing needs

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Revit BIM Files for Modernfold Truss System™

PureView Intermediate Panel

PureView Pivot Panel

PureView Plus Convertible Panel

PureView Plus Intermediate Panel

PureView Plus Pivot Panel

Curtain Panel: Hollow Metal Door

Curtain Panel: Hollow Metal Door: Double

Curtain Panel: MOVEO Glass

Curtain Panel: MOVEO Standard

Curtain Panel: Matching Door

Curtain Panel: Standard

Curtain Panel: Window

Pocket Door: Bifold

Pocket Door: Double

Pocket Door: Doublewith Center Panel

Pocket Door: Pocket Door

Pocket Door: Single

Folding Partition System: Sample

Acousti-Clear: 45 Post

Acousti-Clear: AWA 140

Acousti-Clear: AWA 260

Acousti-Clear: Auto Expandable

Acousti-Clear: Auto Intermediate

Acousti-Clear: Classic 140 TE Panel

Acousti-Clear: Classic 260 TE Panel

Acousti-Clear: Classic Single Panel

Acousti-Clear: Classic Single Panel

Acousti-Clear: Demountable Intermediate Panel

Acousti-Clear: Demountable Pivot Door

Acousti-Clear: End Cap 1

Acousti-Clear: End Cap 2

Acousti-Clear: Intersection Post

Acousti-Clear: Intersection Post

Acousti-Clear: Lead Jamb

Acousti-Clear: Passdoor

Acousti-Clear: Passdoor

Acousti-Clear: Passdoor Trail

Acousti-Clear: Passdoor Trail

Acousti-Clear: Pivot Panel Rail Lever

Acousti-Clear: Pivot Panel Standard Lever

Acousti-Clear: Trail Jamb

Acousti-Seal 93 932 933E Intermediate Panel

Acousti-Seal 931 932 Expandable Closure

Acousti-Seal 931 932 Intermediate Panel with Windows

Acousti-Seal 931 932 Pass Door Single H

Acousti-Seal 931 932 Pass Door Single l

Acousti-Seal 931 Double Expandable Closure

Acousti-Seal 931 Pass Door Double

Acousti-Seal 933E Side Jamb

Acousti-Seal Encore Automated Panels Electric Jamb

Acousti-Seal Encore Automated Panels Intermediate

Acousti-Seal Encore Automated Pass Door Single H

Acousti-Seal Encore Automated Pass Door Single l

Acousti-Seal Encore Panels 9in 18in Closure

Acousti-Seal Encore Panels Intermediate

Acousti-Seal Encore Pass Door Double

Acousti-Seal Encore Pass Door Single H

Acousti-Seal Encore Pass Door Single l

Glass 362 Doors Full Height Pivot Door

Glass 362 Doors Intermediate

Glass Compact Line Convertible Pivot Door

Glass Compact Line Full Height Pivot Door

Glass Compact Line Intermediate Panel

CAD Drawings for Modernfold Truss System™
AS 11 Manual Drop Seal
download: view:
AS 12C Automatic Drop Seal
download: view:
AS 13 Individual Crank Operated Drop Seal
download: view:
AS 41D Panel Joint
download: view:
AS 43AL Closure Detail
download: view:
AS 70 2 Vertical Section
download: view:
AS 73 T Meeting
download: view:
AS 75 Vertical Section
download: view:
AS 75C Vertical Section
download: view:
AS 77 Expandable Panel
download: view:
AS 78 Fixed Jamb
download: view:
AS 79 Hinged Jamb
download: view:
AS 84 Fixed Jamb
download: view:
Specifications for Modernfold Truss System™
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