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The PRS Roof Hatch Guardrail system provides permanent full-perimeter fall protection with improved egress and ingress for all roof hatches. The Roof Hatch Guardrail system meets and exceeds numerous standards and requirements for floor openings and walking/working surfaces. Zero Penetration attachment will not damage roof flashings, prevents moisture from entering the building, and will not void the roof warranty. Each unit features patented GrabSafeTM handholds, providing 3-point control throughout egress and ingress. Guardrail extensions create a landing area to ensure safe operation of the self-closing gate while standing on the walking surface, not the ladder. Powder coated steel colors available to match Kynar™ sheet metal or other building components and RAL colors. Roof Hatch Guardrail meets and exceeds OSHA Standards and International Building Codes (ICC). The Roof Hatch Guardrail system was strategically designed by experts with years of experience in the fall protection industry to ensure compliance, safety and ease of use. Self-closing gate and built-in landing area provide maximum safety and security to users. The integrated GrabSafe hand holds provide permanent ladder extensions to assist in comfortable and safe egress and ingress of the ladder. More built-in safety features then the competition and engineered to exceed 250lb constant loads, the Roof Hatch Guardrail is your ultimate choice for safety. When it comes to roof hatch fall protection, there's simply is no better solution than Leading Edge Safety. Our wide breadth of knowledge in the permanent and temporary guardrail industry allows us to craft the best fall protection products available - and roof hatch guardrails are no exception.

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