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Kelley Inflatable Dock Seals and Shelters provide the ultimate energy seal for climate-controlled loading docks. With a wide variety of models to meet your specific needs, inflatable seals and shelters all improve environmental control and energy efficiency at the loading dock with little or no pressure on your building walls. Best of all, they can be interlocked with Kelley restraints and other Kelley dock equipment for improved efficiency and safety.


KI300 Air Inflatable Loading Dock Seal with One Piece Cover

KI310 air inflatable rail shelter

KI350 Air Inflatable Loading Dock Seal with Variable Height Head Member

KI400 air inflatable dock shelter with Peripheral Sides & Variable Height Hear

KI450 Air Inflatable Dock Shelter with Treated Wood Frames


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Revit BIM Files for Inflatable Dock Seals and Shelters

Seals and Shelters: ADS-HC-Armorguard

Seals and Shelters: ADS-HP-Armorguard

Seals and Shelters: AQS

Seals and Shelters: Blockade-Shelter

Seals and Shelters: DSA

Seals and Shelters: DSH

Seals and Shelters: DSS

Seals and Shelters: FSR-1000

Seals and Shelters: FlexFrame

Seals and Shelters: KI-450

Seals and Shelters: TS-Rigid

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