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Aquafin's InjectPro-PM3811 Series of hydrophilic acrylate injection resins are forumlated with superior sealing characteristics. The InjectPro-3811 acrylates are environmentally safe and include:
- InjectPro-PM3811-SoilStabilizer
- InjectPro-PM3811-Flex
- InjectPro-PM3811-Fast
- InjectPro-PM3811-UltraSeal



  • Controlled, extended setting time range: 4 min - 14 minutes
  • Very low viscosity, excellent for penetrating into small cracks
  • Free from acrylamides, easy clean-up, non hazardous waste removal
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 for potable water


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Acrylate Injection Resins
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