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W-1000 is a water-base modified acrylic co-polymer emulsion that doubles as a membrane forming curing compound and a long-lasting sealer, especially formulated for architectural applications. W-1000 quickly dries to a semi-gloss, non-yellowing and durable barrier against moisture, oil and most stains. W-1000 is a milky white liquid that sprays on blue and dries clear on any horizontal concrete surface. Its non-clouding formula makes it especially suitable for use on architectural, colored, sand blasted or exposed aggregate concrete. W-1000 has excellent sealing characteristics that can be used to seal concrete, masonry, concrete tile, natural and cast-stone, mortar, brick or stucco. When used as a curing compound, W-1000 forms a membrane barrier to prevent the rapid loss of water from the surface of freshly placed concrete. This barrier retains the moisture so vital for proper cement hydration and the development of strength and hardness. W-1000 helps control cracking and the development of efflorescence. When dry, W-1000 leaves a clear, nearly invisible, semi-gloss finish that is long-lasting, durable and protects against dusting, water damage and many types of stains. W-1000 is also used to pre-treat masonry and other surfaces to provide a sealed surface for less paint soak-through.
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