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National Lightning Protection Corporation > PRODUCT > Advantages of the Prevectron
  • The Prevectron has undergone extensive testing.
  • The Prevectron can be designed to all applicable installation standards
    • French Standard NF C 17-102
    • Spain's Standard U N E 21186
    • Yugoslavian Standard JUS N.B4.810
    • Slovakian Standard STN 34-1391
    • Romanian Standard I-20
    • Argentina IRAM 2426
    • Macedonia MKS N.B4 810
    • Portugal NP 4426
  • Fewer Prevectrons are required which means minimal roof penetrations and less roof mounted equipment.   A Franklin system will basically be destroyed during 
    re-roofingwhere a Prevectron system requires little or no displacement and may remain in service.
  • The Prevectron has 95% fewer parts than a Franklin system that can be disconnected, removed, or damaged by HVAC, window washers, roofers, or other maintenance personnel.
  • Prevectron installations eliminate the OSHA recognized risk of impalement posed by the pointed roof mounted lightning rod.
  • 5 year full replacement warranty.

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