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Air & Vapor Barriers

Non-Permeable Solvent Based / Air & Vapor Barrier

AIRMAX 2102 is a high-performance, solvent-based liquid-applied air barrier and vapor barriers designed for walls on commercial buildings.

Non-Permeable Water Based / Air & Vapor Barrier

AIRMAX 2103 is a water-based, <100 g/L, non-permeable, rubberized air and vapor barrier ideally suited for residential building and commercial cavity walls.

Vapor Permeable / Water Borne Air Barrier

AIRMAX 2104 is a waterborne, <100 g/L, liquid applied, seamless, vapor permeable air barrier that creates a tough film for protecting air leakage (infiltration & exfiltration).

Vapor Permeable / Solvent SPE Air Barrier

AIRMAX 2105 is a solvent-borne, <100 g/L, silicone based, vapor permeable, a liquid applied membrane that acts as an air and weather barrier.

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