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During this process, the artificial increase, of up to a thousand times, of the thickness of the natural aluminium oxide coating is achieved, therefore obtaining great protection against corrosion and abrasion. Traditional properties of aluminum such as endurance and durability are increased, considerably, using this surface treatment, for that reason anodized aluminum becomes an an ideal material for seaside areas and places with hard weather conditions.

A wide anodizing color range: bordeaux, blue, green, ivory, black, grey, bronze, inox (stainless steel), champagne, gold, natural, copper and acier. Colors can have different finishes, the profiles are subjected to different mechanical treatments, this way we are able to obtain different finishes: matt-grain, rough brushed, bright, brushed, polished, re-polished or combinations of any of these finishes. All of which are guaranteed by the European “EWAA-EURAS" regulation, that reaches the most demanding European quality levels.

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