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Sports center, Free pan Glass wall/doors, Roof system Sport center, 45' x 96' long, free span, glass wall/doors and polycarbonate 14' x 45' retractable lean-to with a 1 to 12 pitch enclosing porch with a retracting screen/shade system. 33'1" x 23'8" retractable glass ridge with an 8 to 12 pitch above pool and an upslope distance of 21'.

Design provides a silent operation with urethane composite wheels. Drive assembly designed to move panels in excess of 1,000 lbs. Panels are operated through a computer controlled system which allows for timed operations. Wind and rain override protection and safety control for system protection. Computer control panel is designed to accept auxiliary commands.

In-house design services - Complete design fabrications assembly - Versatile and economical designs - Meet or exceed NGA and AAMA guidelines - Highest quality materials and workmanship - Experienced field services - Integral water and condensation control - Standard pre-engineered systems - Structural engineered system - 10 year product warranty - National & International project services Custom size systems can be produced by our in-hose design and manufacturing services.

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